The Michelin Chef-Approved Specialties At The 'World's Best' McDonald's

Even though McDonald's isn't typically associated with fine dining, one UK location might be about to change all that. A McDonald's location in Welshpool, Wales has been declared the best in the world thanks to its delectable take on the standard menu. While guests of the Golden Arches can still order their favorite Chicken McNuggets with BBQ sauce and other classics, this particular location also has some decidedly more gourmet options that diners won't be able to find at any other McDonald's in the world

Patrons looking to expand their fast food culinary horizons can order the Welshpool location's famed french fries topped with truffle infused mayonnaise, paired with a decadent Cadbury chocolate McFlurry (via New York Post). The restaurant even offers two mouth watering options for vegan and vegetarian guests wanting to experience the elevated McDonald's menu. The Vegetable Deluxe and the McPlant are just two of the highly-rated burgers found exclusively in Wales. 

For dessert, the menu also offers an exclusive Millionaire's Donut. The indulgent dessert is described on the McDonald's website as being filled with "gooey caramel" and topped with a drizzling of chocolate and cookie bits. And if all that doesn't make this the best McDonald's in the world, perhaps a Michelin-starred chef can convince you.

This McDonald's has some star-powered endorsements

A high-end McDonald's in Welshpol, Wales has received fanfare from guests all around UK, and eventually caught the attention of Gareth Ward, a two-time Michelin star chef. The chef runs an award winning eatery just an hour west of Welshpool and included the town's remarkable McDonald's in his list of the three best restaurants in the country.

In an interview, Ward's review of the McDonald's location called the stop "on another level" and he stated, "Everybody I speak to says this is, by far, the best McDonald's in the world. Welshpool McDonald's, that's what it's all about."

In a follow up to Ward's glowing statements, the area supervisor for the Welshpool McDonald's told a local newspaper that while the chef's comments came as somewhat of a surprise, the restaurant's staff were all very proud of their collective accomplishment. Even if unexpected, the decorated chef's comments have sky rocketed the humble Welsh fast food stop onto the list of must-try McDonald's locations for fans of the Golden Arches.