You Might Have Missed The McDonald's Super Bowl 2023 Ad — Because We Did

The Super Bowl 2023 just got a whole lot tastier with McDonald's latest commercial. While the fast-food chain's ad was among the first to air, its subtle angle was so unobtrusive that some of us actually missed it. If you're among those who didn't see the surprisingly heart-warming ad, it featured Cardi B. and Offset, alongside seven additional real-life couples. 

In the commercial, each couple discussed each other's menu choices and stated their significant other's go-to order. Some couples thought about who steals more fries, while others claimed to earn points with their partner for sacrificing the last fry in their favor. Though some agreed (and more couples disagreed), one thing was clear throughout the ad: Knowing your partner's order is just one more way to show that you care. 

But showcasing how couples enjoy eating together at McDonald's isn't the only sweet deal to come from the McDonald's ad.

McDonald's is releasing a new meal

McDonald's is serving up a new meal inspired by star couple Cardi B. and Offset's go-to McDonald's orders (via People). Per the fast-food giant's Super Bowl LVII commercial, the meal will include Cardi B.'s order — a cheeseburger, paired with tangy BBQ sauce and a large Coca-Cola — and Offset's favorites, a Quarter Pounder with cheese and a large Hi-C Orange Lavaburst. Just in time for Valentine's Day, the McDonald's meal will include a large order of fries and a warm apple pie to share. (No sacrifices or stealing necessary this holiday.)

It seems McDonald's has once again raised the bar, and it's all thanks to the charming and funny couples who star in the commercial. 

The next time you and your significant other can't agree on what to order at McDonald's, just remember — you're in good company. And consider an extra order of fries.