Gordon Ramsay Made His 2023 Super Bowl Pick Clear

Gordon Ramsay is a chef that needs no introduction. He's known for his fiery temper, impeccable cooking skills, and of course, his love for football. But what does the Hell's Kitchen chef, known for his love of food, have to do with a football game? Well, as it turns out, food and football go hand in hand for Gordon Ramsay. The chef is famous for his love of tailgating, and he's been known to whip up some incredible dishes for game days. Whether it's grilling up burgers and hot dogs or cooking up a pot of chili, Ramsay knows how to feed a crowd and keep everyone satisfied, even on game day. 

Though Ramsay is an avid football fan, he continues to support one team in particular. The chef has a long-standing relationship with the Chiefs, dating back to his time on the "Chiefs Kingdom" show in 2019 (via KMBC News). During his appearance, he discussed his passion for the sport and shared his admiration for the Chiefs. He even made a bold prediction, stating that the Chiefs would make it to the Super Bowl and take home the championship. Little did he know that prediction would come true just four short years later.

Ramsay is still backing the Chiefs

Since then, Gordon Ramsay has been an avid supporter of the team, frequently taking to social media to show his support and share his thoughts on their games. Once again, Ramsay has taken to social media to show his support for the Chiefs and to express his excitement for the big game. Now that the 2023 Super Bowl is underway, the renowned chef took to Twitter to share that he is rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs. But this isn't the first time he has supported the Chiefs.

He knows the team has what it takes to bring home the championship, and he's ready to celebrate with a feast fit for a champion. Whether you're a fan of the Chiefs or just a fan of good food, you won't want to miss the end of the game to see if Ramsay's team pulls out a victory.