What Happens If You Microwave Popcorn On The Other Side?

Let's be real, popcorn is pretty great. It's buttery and salty, and it has a unique texture somewhere between fluffy and crispy. With so many possible customizations, popcorn is the perfect treat for watching movies, hanging out with friends, or even just snacking on the go.

However, as tasty as popcorn is, this snack can also be a bit finicky to prepare. Sometimes this is beyond our control, such as when the kernels are too moist or too dry inside, or if the hull has been damaged, per Popcornity. Other times, popcorn fails are the result of the poor decision to use the popcorn button on the microwave. (Seriously, unless you like your popcorn burnt, just don't do it.)

Now, you might be thinking that we've skipped an entire category — that of human error, or our failure to read and comply with written instructions — and you would be right. That being said, certain directions, such as those specifying which side of the bag should face upward in the microwave, might not have the kind of dramatic consequences we've been led to believe.

For best results, follow the written directions

If you've spent years convinced that your popcorn bag absolutely had to face a certain side up in the microwave or else it would catch on fire and explode, you aren't alone. But despite the ominous warning on the bag, it might not actually be that big a deal if you were to microwave your popcorn with the other side up.

We know, it sounds crazy, but hear us out. One brave soul recently tried it, and guess what happened? Nothing. According to Allrecipes, the only reason for the "this side up" instruction is the placement of a susceptor in the bag. When the susceptor side is placed downward, the heat from the microwave becomes more concentrated, therefore popping your kernels more quickly and efficiently.

All this goes to say that you can place your popcorn bag in the microwave with the other side facing up. The kernels will still pop, but you'll probably have a lot more unpopped ones left in the bottom of your bag. Even if that's the case, you can use this simple TikTok hack to get rid of those stubborn kernels.