Alex Guarnaschelli Gifts Twitter With The Best Supermarket Stakeout News

Alex Guarnaschelli fans have a lot to be thankful for these days. Though the Butter restaurant owner and chef has been gracing television screens for more than a decade, rather than resting on her laurels or slipping into a comfortable retirement it seems like Guarnaschelli is as eager as ever to engage with fans. Whether as a culinary expert on shows like "The Kitchen" and "Chopped," or in her many entertaining Instagram stories, Guarnaschelli has remained in the spotlight.

More importantly, the chef that made such a name for herself on "Iron Chef" is finally getting more vehicles in which to display her own particular talents at hosting and cooking. In "Alex Vs. America," Guarnaschelli goes head-to-head with three chefs to do culinary battle, facing uncertain challenges, secret ingredients, and other surprises while trying to prove that she's still got what it takes to be a champion. "Supermarket Stakeout," on the other hand, sees a softer side of Guarnaschelli, who hosts as eager chefs try to prove their talents outside a grocery store. Well, we already got the news that there will be a third season of "Alex vs America," and now it's been revealed that "Supermarket Stakeout" is coming back, too.

Season 5 is a go

The fourth season of "Supermarket Stakeout" ended in September 2022, leaving some fans wondering if and when it was going to come back for a fifth season. There were hints that another season would be filmed, like a casting call posted on Twitter, and Alex Guarnaschelli shared a few videos on Instagram that were filmed on set in a grocery store parking lot. Finally, when one fan on Twitter asked the star, "Is #SupermarketStakeout coming back this year?" she replied, "Yassssss."

It doesn't seem like Food Network has officially confirmed a new season of "Supermarket Stakeout" yet, but the evidence from Guarnaschelli is strong enough that fans can easily have hope. And Guarnaschelli isn't the only one who has shared behind-the-scenes filming visuals in recent weeks — several folks on Twitter have posted about the show filming near them, too, which makes it seem like all but certain that "Supermarket Stakeout" will be back sometime this year.