What Brand Is Behind Kirkland's Organic Tortilla Chips?

Costco is a magical place that stocks all the groceries, household supplies, and goodies you can imagine. If you've not been to Costco, you can compare it to Sam's Club or another type of wholesale store. Costco has a huge bakery, tons of vegetables and fruits, meats, and even a deli. Its rotisserie-style chicken is famous in its own right, especially at the low price of only $5. Costco's snacks are also an excellent choice for entertaining parties, sporting events, and more.

Costco's organic tortilla chips are another great option when entertaining others. You can include some excellent dips to pair with your chips from Costco's selection, such as artichoke and jalapeño parmesan dip, fried pickle ranch dip, or even an organic queso blanco cashew dip. If you're not a huge fan of thicker dips like that, you can't go wrong with a classic salsa. If you enjoy making salsa from scratch, Costco conveniently sells the ingredients to make your salsa however you choose. If you're looking for a more simple method, you can always elect to grab a container of premade salsa from their refrigerated section. Now that we've figured out how to enjoy these yummy chips, let's dive into where they come from.

Costco supplies the goods, but who makes them?

Finding the true origin of Costco's organic tortilla chips is a bit of a challenge as they have changed the packaging of the chips. Previously, the organic tortilla chips sold in stores were made by Texas-based Mission Foods and even had the company's logo printed on the bag. Because the Mission Foods logo is no longer on the bag, some are speculating that Costco is making their own organic tortilla chips now.

Chips aren't the only item Costco has repackaged under the Kirkland brand, such as the Keurig pods that everyone has come to know and love for the classic morning coffee ritual. Costco and Keurig Green Mountain created a direct partnership so that Costco could keep the high cost of the K-Cups down for its loyal customers. Another product that Costco sells, Kirkland Tuna, is actually produced by a very well-known canned seafood producer, the Bumble Bee Tuna Brand. One last example of Costco selling name-brand food items under the Kirkland name is the Kirkland brand bacon, which is actually made by Hormel. Hormel produces just about all the food you can think of but is arguably most well-known for their chili and their meats, like chicken, bacon, pepperoni, and more.