Alton Brown's Good Eats Video Montage Has Fans Hoping For A Return

Cooking show fans around the world have been gushing over Alton Brown's heartfelt "Good Eats" montage that he shared in a recent tweet. The charismatic television personality is probably best known for hosting the high-stakes "Iron Chef America" cooking competition, as well as other Food Network shows like "Cutthroat Kitchen" and "Food Network Star." However, before all of that, there was a delightful program that he starred in and wrote blending the knowledge and fun of Bill Nye the Science Guy with everything to do with food: "Good Eats."

The original show ran from 1999 until 2012 and aired 252 episodes running the full gamut of food-related fundamentals and far-out facts. From how to create different kinds of pie crust to the history of coffee and the process of making pickles, each episode was jam-packed with useful knowledge, Brown's epic wit, and an array of pop culture references. Although Brown shared an Instagram post back in 2019 that he and the Food Network would bring fans a reboot of the show called "Good Eats: The Return," it was his recently shared montage of the beloved early days that had fans pouring in messages of love.

This 'Good Eats' video is a nostalgia-filled treat

Brown recently gave his long-time fans a gift in the form of "A Love Letter to Good Eats," a video homage to his popular food program. His familiar cadence takes you through clips from the old show as he reminisces about his early inspirations, including Julia Child and the British comedy troupe Monty Python. Though Brown talks about experimenting with the new-at-the-time format of delivering fun, educational, and "mold-breaking" content to viewers, some commenters on the video suggest he's selling himself short. "Alton, you didn't just change the game, you completely re-invented it! I wouldn't be anywhere near as good of a cook as I am now if it weren't for you!" one gushed. Countless people thanked the TV star for teaching them lessons they grew up on and never forgot. "Good Eats honestly played a huge role in who I am today," one comment says.

The end of the video reads, "Good Eats 1999-2021," and it seems to have made many fans wish for the discontinued show's return. "I do hope you'll do more educational content like this," one fan said. "There's so much more to learn!" Brown has not announced any plans to bring back the show for a second time, but many fans seem to have gotten a sense of closure from the montage, saying they are "grateful to have had the privilege to enjoy and learn from" Brown's many episodes.