Trader Joe's New Chocolate Assortment Has Fans Intrigued

When it comes to Valentine's Day, giving any "traditional" gifts to a partner is generally considered a major faux pas. In fact, according to Wallet Hub, cheesy stuffed animals are one of the least-desired V-day gifts out there, only ranking better than kitchen appliances, sporting equipment, gym memberships, and tools. But while a majority of society tells us that these generic, love-themed plushies are better left on the shelves, there's another quintessentially cheesy Valentine's Day gift that could actually end up being a good buy: a box of assorted chocolates. You know the ones.

Hear us out. Yes, those giant, heart-shaped boxes of sweets are a bit "cheugy," as the kids say. However, being that each pack typically includes a variety of bite-sized treats ranging in flavor profile from the classic milk chocolate and caramel to dark chocolate and orange, they can certainly come in handy if you or the person you're buying for are yearning for a chocolate experience beyond what a simple Hershey's bar can provide.

This, in turn, makes boxes of assorted chocolates ideal for occasions beyond just Valentine's Day, and if you're seeking out a pack that contains all the various chocolatey treats without the lovey-dovey theme, Trader Joe's may have just the thing for you. A new chocolate assortment was spotted in-store by Instagram user @traderjoeslist and it has shoppers talking for more reasons than one.

Some shoppers think TJ's new Chocolate Palette is almost too pretty to eat

A chocolate craving can be easy to satisfy when you have one specific type of confection on the brain, but sometimes, you might want to treat yourself to both milk and dark chocolate, and maybe a smidge of peanut butter, caramel, and hazelnut while you're at it, too. A box of assorted chocolates can be perfect for times such as these, and recently, a new assortment at Trader Joe's caught the attention of Instagram user @traderjoeslist. In a video posted to their account on January 30, the Instagrammer showed off the grocer's new Chocolate Palette of Assorted Chocolate Confections. Priced at $9.99, each box contains a total of 24 chocolates in eight various flavors wrapped in colorful paper, making the product look, as its name suggests, similar to a painter's palette.

A number of @traderjoeslist's followers were intrigued by the aesthetically-pleasing TJ's find, including @hintofher. "Every flavor looks so amazing," they commented. Meanwhile, Instagram user @loveableleesha said they already picked up a box. "I bought these yesterday they are almost too pretty to eat ... ALMOST lol," they quipped.

TJ's fans elsewhere on the internet have also given the chocolate assortment a try. Instagram user @traderjoesfoodreviews gave the product a score of 8/10 and said that the dark chocolate crispy corn flavor was one of their top three favorite flavors. Additionally, both shoppers behind the blog Sweet on Trader Joe's awarded the sweet assortment five stars.