The Kristen Kish Recipe Marcus Samuelsson Is Constantly Cooking

Having written a number of cookbooks including one that was awarded Best International Cookbook by the James Beard Foundation, Marcus Samuelsson could easily draw from the long list of his own recipes anytime he wants to whip something up in the kitchen. Or, if he doesn't feel like cooking, he could opt to stop at one of his own restaurants for a bite to eat. Especially with the newest in that lineup, New York's Hav & Mar, offering enticing options like corn-wrapped snapper and poached lobster.

But, Samuelsson isn't shy about giving other cookbook authors some props. Vox recounts how, as a guest on "The Ezra Klein Show," Samuelsson recommended "And I still Cook," from former New Orleans-based chef Leah Chase of the Crescent City's longstanding restaurant, Dooky Chase, and also went so far as to credit Charlie Trotter with changing American cuisine altogether while endorsing his cookbook, "Charlie Trotter's." It turns out former Top Chef Kristen Kish also caught Samuelsson's attention with her cookbook.

Samuelsson shared one of his fave recipes from Kristen Kish

"Top Chef" fans will recognize Kristen Kish as the chef who impressed judges with a final dish bringing together ingredients like leeks, little gem lettuce, uni, and red snapper to win Season 10 of the show (via Los Angeles Times). Beyond impressing "Top Chef" judges, Kish seems to have earned the approval of one chef who is a big deal in the culinary world. Marcus Samuelsson told Bon Appétit that "Kristen is one of the most supremely-gifted, technique-driven chefs I know." And that says a lot, coming from the man who brought us Harlem's Red Rooster!

According to Penguin Random House, Kish's book "Kristen Kish Cooking" includes over 80 recipes, but one recipe, in particular, can count Samuelsson as a fan. He called Kish's recipe for dead-of-winter vegetable rösti with saffron aioli "a personal favorite" (via Bon Appétit). In Kish's recipe, rösti, a Swiss potato dish, is amped up with ingredients like butternut squash, golden raisins, and rutabaga. Though that combination sounds especially tempting, any dish that becomes a fave of Marcus Samuelsson has our attention!