Selena Gomez Calls Her Own Go-To Late Night Snack 'Gross'

Late-night eats can either be a thing of genius or a complete mess, or a bit of both. Whether you are just getting home from the club, concert, or fancy gala sometimes those midnight munchies can hit fast. That's why it can be a great idea to have quick snackable meals in mind so that you can satisfy your hunger without having to wait forever for them to cook. These late cravings can be triggered by a stressful day, lack of sleep, not consuming enough calories during the day, or even a lack of exercise. Although they can be curbed by nibbling on nutritious nuts, berries, veggies, or even salads, sometimes you just need a salty carb-filled treat when the moon is up.

Actor, singer, and star of "Only Murders in the Building" Selena Gomez recently gave Vanity Fair the inside scoop on the midnight snack that she prefers the most. The quick and simple three-ingredient recipe can be made by anyone who is feeling a bit peckish but doesn't have time to waste. Let's take a look at how it's made and the inspiration behind the creation.

How to make Selena Gomez's easy late-night treat

In a Vanity Fair "Party Tricks" YouTube video that has already racked up over 180 thousand views, Selena Gomez — dressed as though she just spent a night at a glamorous gala — explains her go-to snack "is what I eat usually when I'm tired and/or happy and/or sad." She goes on to say that the meal was from her childhood growing up in Texas. While gathering with the family to watch basketball or football games, her step-father invented the snack because he needed a quick nosh while waiting on other meals that required more time to prepare. The tasty treat is a sort of pizza bite that utilizes Ritz crackers, pepperoni, and of course cheese-in-a-can.

Although Gomez admits that at first mention it may seem quite "weird," and "gross" she ensures that it has delighted many of her hungry-bellied guests. To make it yourself, take one Ritz cracker and squeeze some cheese from a can on the inside. Then place one or two slices of pepperoni, followed by another squirt of cheese. Add another cracker on top and presto, you are prepped. From there you can make as many tiny, crunchy delights as can fit a small baking tray. When ready, you pop the tray into a toaster oven and set it for five minutes to perfectly melt the cheese. When the time is up, you're treated to a warm, crunchy, salty, and creamy snack that's sure to satisfy your midnight cravings.