Ed Sheeran Just Launched His Own Hot Sauce

It's fairly common, especially nowadays, for different celebrities to branch out from what got them famous in the first place and expand their portfolios. For example, actress Kristen Bell co-owns a granola bar company called This Saves Lives with actors Ravi Patel, Ryan Devlin, and Todd Grinnell (via Insider). Bell's granola bar company is named appropriately, as the company provides aid to malnourished children in impoverished countries with each granola bar that's purchased. It's also popular for celebrities to launch their own organic foods brands, with actress Jennifer Garner creating her own line of organic baby food called Once Upon a Farm.

Additionally, singer Jon Bon Jovi has his own pasta sauce brand that uses his family's secret recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation. Just like Bell's granola bar company, Jovi's pasta sauce company helps the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation by donating part of the profits to the charity. Now, singer Ed Sheeran is venturing out of the music world and exploring all that the food world has to offer by creating his own hot sauce. Here's what you need to know.

Tingly Ted's is Ed Sheeran's newest food venture

Singer Ed Sheeran has decided to make his mark on the food world by creating his own unique hot sauce brand called Tingly Ted's. Sheeran shared a comical video on his Instagram announcing the news and even creating a custom jingle for the new hot sauce. "Tingly Ted's makes your tongue tingle," Sheeran sings while clinging a spoon against some glasses filled with water. The singer also says in his Instagram video that he aimed to create a hot sauce that had the same consistency and pride as ketchup, which is arguably one of the most beloved condiments.

As of February 21, 2023, there are two varieties of Sheeran's Tingly Ted's hot sauce: Tingly and Xtra Tingly. The Tingly version has 16% jalapeño, while the Xtra Tingly has more than double the heat with 39% jalapeño. Both sauces are made with red jalapeños, capsicum chillies, various spices and herbs, as well as notes smoke and lemon. At the time of writing, Tingly Ted's is available for preorder in select countries including the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Malta, Italy, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, and Austria. 

Sheeran says that his hot sauces are great on any meal at any time of day, and he even brings his own hot sauces with him in his suitcase when he travels. Just don't put it on bananas, he warns.