Shake Shack's Fine Dining Menu Now Has Truffle Table

Unlike a lot of other burger chains, Shake Shack offers a smaller menu with items of both higher quality and higher price. Whereas a McDonald's Big Mac may run you about $3.99, a double ShackBurger (an approximate equivalent) will cost you about $8.09. Obviously, that's a pretty big price difference, but again, you're paying for quality.

Shake Shack has also stepped up its game in recent years. In addition to serving 100% angus beef patties, free from hormones and antibiotics, which is clearly already enough to get customers lining up for miles, Shake Shack has also launched its own menu placing truffles in the spotlight.

In 2021, the chain introduced a black truffle burger, as well as a black truffle oil-based sauce for fries. Now that a white truffle burger, the mushroom-based 'Shroom Burger, and a white truffle sauce have entered the picture, it's time to celebrate. In order to give its customers a proper welcome to these truffle menus, Shake Shack will soon be hosting the Truffle Table.

What does Shake Shack's Truffle Table entail?

Starting February 22, select Shake Shack locations will begin accepting reservations for the Truffle Table experience, which will run February 27 through March 2. For $20 per guest, according to a press release, Shake Shack fans can order from a special prix fixe menu, which includes both the white truffle burger and the 'Shroom Burger, as well as fries with a white truffle sauce. Guests will also receive "unlimited" wine, an 8.45 oz. bottle of Regalis black truffle oil valued at $19.99, and chocolate truffles from Thierry Atlan. Yum.

The Truffle Table experience will only take place at U.S. locations, including Chicago, Atlanta, Santa Monica, Miami, and, of course, New York City, but be sure to check with your local Shake Shack to see if it's participating. If you've never tried truffles before -– or even if you don't like them all that much –- now is the perfect time to try them. At the very least, it'll be a Shake Shack experience like no other.