Give Whipped Cream A Breezy Tropical Vibe With A Splash Of Malibu

Although whipped cream is a great addition to desserts during any season, we can't deny that something about it just hits differently in summer. What's more, whipped cream has a very clean, neutral flavor, which means you can customize it to work with whatever dessert you're serving up. However, keep in mind that if the whipped cream is meant to go alongside your dessert, you don't want to make the flavor too strong. 

Consider adding baking spices like cinnamon and cardamom to whipped cream to evoke feelings of fall. You can also switch gears and add citrus zest or other fruity flavors — like strawberry or key lime — to add a bit of summer brightness. Other flavors of whipped cream can be created by including caramel, chocolate, or butterscotch extracts for a much richer-tasting whipped cream topping. 

To make the ultimate whipped cream dessert, add a splash of your favorite summertime booze, assuming your guests are of drinking age. Spike your favorite lemon meringue pie recipe for an unforgettable kick. But don't stop there — flavored alcohol options are almost as limitless as the topping itself. 

The best alcohol to use in whipped cream

When it comes to infusing whipped cream with booze, the possibilities are endless – hard cider, rum, spiked lemonade, you get the idea. Pairing booze with the right desserts may be a bit trickier, but no need to worry, we've got a few starting points. First things first: To make any alcohol-infused whipped cream, start by adding 1 tablespoon of your chosen booze to your whipped cream mixture. Then, if you want a stronger flavor, add more to taste.

As pairings experts already know, it's important to find flavors that complement each other. For instance, tequila complements key lime pie just as Kahlua complements pecan pie. Tequila and lime are classic matches, and the nutty, coffee-forward notes of Kahlua make pecan pie cozier. Not only do these flavors pair well together, but they help emphasize each other.  

Perhaps the most iconic summer pairing of them all is Malibu rum and coconut pie. While Malibu technically has a coconut flavor already, it still accentuates the flavors of this dessert, and that's the goal. Prepare your coconut pie recipe as usual, but add a healthy amount of Malibu to the whipped cream. Your guests will beg you to reveal your secrets.