Cracking Eggs Directly Into The Poaching Pot Is Risky: Here's What To Do Instead

It's a common experience that taking a risk — even one incredibly daunting — generates a certain thrill that just doesn't compare to the routine of everyday life. Think bungee jumping off a mountain, or signing an email off with only "regards." They're both entirely comparable events.

Taking risks is also associated with allowing humans to survive in harsh environments, as well as promoting sexual attractiveness, according to Radio 4 In Four. Perhaps they're why people relish the challenge of eating burning hot chilies or even bugs.

However, some risks simply aren't worth taking. You wouldn't take your partner for a romantic meal at McDonald's, would you? Well, you would if they happened to be Ronald McDonald. Similarly, cracking eggs directly into a pan used for poaching is risky behavior that borders on culinary disaster — sure, it's definitely satisfying (and a great brag) to be able to effortlessly crack open an egg straight into a cooking pot, but it's never guaranteed to be a success. So, what should you do instead?

Don't take risks when cracking eggs

There are probably few things better in life than a fluffy poached egg — unless you're a hen, in which case it's likely a rather distressing event to experience. But cracking an egg directly into a poaching pot creates quite a high likelihood of stray shell particles plummeting into the gooey yolk below, adding an unpleasant crunch to otherwise perfect poaching.

To avoid such a problem, the best thing to do when making poached eggs is to crack the egg into a separate bowl first. Then, if you do encounter a disaster, the shell particles can be easily scooped out before cooking (ideally with another piece of shell or a wet finger).

You could even apply this creative solution when frying or scrambling eggs, or using them in other recipes, such as when making a cake or a cocktail. Initially cracking eggs into a bowl is particularly useful for the latter occurrences because if it turns out the egg has gone bad you can simply crack another one without having ruined your other ingredients by pouring in the rotten egg.