No, Ashton Kutcher Is Not The First Person To Add Orange Juice To Coffee

Drinking coffee in the morning is a great way to start the day — caffeinating yourself early can make the day much more tolerable. Some people prefer their coffee black and unsweetened, some prefer to drink it with a dash of cream, and others may splash a bit of plant-based milk into their cup. Some celebrities are known for their coffee rituals. For example, actress Sofia Vergara will drink a cup of black coffee before she exercises, comedian and actor Jerry Seinfeld has an obsession with espresso while on the road, and filmmaker and actor David Lynch reportedly loves coffee so much, he claims he used to drink up to 20 cups a day!

It's no surprise that celebrities love their caffeine fix, given their very busy and hectic lifestyle. Speaking of interesting coffee rituals, some unique ways to impart some unorthodox flavors into your coffee include the addition of coconut oil or butter to create the internet-famous keto coffee. You can also try adding ground cinnamon or cardamom, which will give the coffee a warmer feeling — perfect for cold weather. While additional ingredients can have a huge impact on the natural flavor of coffee, the roast is equally important. For example, have you ever noticed the citrus notes in light roast coffee? This opens the door to an ingredient that seems strange to mix with coffee, but works better than you might expect. 

Orange juice and coffee is popular on TikTok

Actor Ashton Kutcher drinks his coffee in an unusual way that has captured the attention of his fans everywhere. When asked about his favorite way to enjoy coffee, he responded that, while he does enjoy straight black coffee, he sometimes switches it up by ordering a lighter roast. He also is known to add a splash of orange juice to medium roast coffee, which he claims is because orange juice amplifies a medium roast's citrusy notes and makes it taste lighter. It may sound strange, but Kutcher is far from the first to enjoy this flavor combination. 

Adding citrus to coffee isn't an entirely new concept. The internet is obsessed with adding orange juice to espresso. On TikTok, for example, the search phrase "orange juice and coffee" has about 904.7 million views as of February 21, 2023. Many TikTok users have shown themselves making and trying this unique drink and other variations. The results? Not only does it taste delicious, but the effect of the espresso swirling around the orange juice in your cup looks super cool, too. TikTok user posted a video of themselves trying the unique concoction before leaving it on the counter and walking away with a disgusted face. However, they then sneakily reach up behind the counter and grab the cup, hinting that the drink is in fact delicious — as much as we may hate to admit it. 

If you're still hesitant, go with Kutcher's advice and try a small amount of orange juice in your coffee before graduating to the TikTok way, which often does things in reverse: a shot of espresso or splash of strong, black coffee into a glass of orange juice.