The Best Easter Gift Baskets In 2023

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Easter baskets aren't just for kids. Sure, there's nothing quite like hearing the squeal of little voices as children discover the Easter baskets you carefully picked out for them, but let's be honest — everyone loves a good gift basket. And one stuffed to the gills with candy, toys, and adult-friendly fare is hardly something anyone would turn up their nose at. But in the spirit of honesty, do you really have time to painstakingly piece together personalized gift baskets for everyone you plan to celebrate Easter with? 

The convenience of pre-made Easter baskets can't be ignored, but you don't have to grab something last-minute from the grocery store that lacks the personal touch of a more specialized gift. Today's Easter baskets are wide-ranging, fun, creative, and every bit as wonderful as homemade ones — they're practically guaranteed to put a smile on the receivers' faces. 

Whether you're shopping for a baby, toddler, grandparent, or even a teacher, we've got all the Easter gift baskets you could possibly need. Some focus on toys and knickknacks, while others hone in on the best sweet treats around. There are even spa-like baskets to give Easter hosts the post-holiday relaxation tools they'll need. Here, you'll find Easter gift baskets for every recipient on your list.

How we selected the best Easter baskets

When choosing the Easter gift baskets that would make the cut for this list, we first considered the contents and who would most enjoy them. There are hundreds of Easter gift baskets on the market but do babies and toddlers really need candy and chocolate in their baskets?  We made sure the contents of each basket would meet the needs, ages, and interests of the potential recipients. 

We also considered the assortment of items included, the cost of the basket, and customer reviews for the basket as a whole or for individual items included in the selection. Company and brand reputation was a part of the overall consideration, and in some cases, personal experience with the items included in the gift baskets was helpful. For instance, baskets packed to the brim with well-known Easter treats received slightly higher priority than those without. Ultimately, variety was one of the most important factors in our assortment, to assure there would be a basket for every potential recipient. 

Best overall Easter basket

Simple, sweet, and well-balanced, the Sweet Treats Easter basket from 1-800-Baskets checks all the boxes for the best overall product. With a colorful and reusable Easter-themed bucket as its base (a nice alternative to the standard basket), it comes stuffed with giant Peeps, a chocolate-covered pretzel, gummy bears, Easter-themed M&M's, and of course, the requisite plush stuffed bunny. What it lacks in creativity (there are no big surprises here), it makes up for in crowd-pleasing treats and a friendly price point. 

Plus, it comes from 1-800-Baskets, one of the brands that fall under the 1-800-Flowers umbrella, which means if you're already a subscriber to the company's Passport program (or if you sign up), the basket can be sent nationwide with free shipping. 

The product has also been around for more than one season, which means it has reviews to back up its popularity. One such reviewer shared, "My grandson loved the basket and especially the bunny. He said it was really soft. And it was his favorite kind of candy. My daughter was impressed as well. Good job."

Order the Sweet Treats Easter basket from for $34.99 as of February 2023.

Best splurge Easter basket

While not everyone will want to spend more than $100 on a single Easter basket, if your budget is high, it's worth picking up the Ultimate Easter Gift basket from Gourmet Gift Baskets. The wicker basket comes stuffed to the brim with candies and toys, including traditional and non-traditional Easter fare. Of course, there's a chocolate bunny, Peeps, and Peeps-themed jellybeans, but there are also favorites like Skittles and the salty-meets-sweet duo of kettle corn. The toys are also refreshingly gender-neutral and include a monster-like plush, noise-making putty, a Squish Dude, paint sticks, and a gliding airplane. It's the type of gift that could even work for a whole family, considering the variety to enjoy. 

Customers are a fan of the item, with all reviews rating it either four or five stars. Several reviewers also note that the basket makes a good gift for several recipients. "I bought this for my grandsons to share. There was more than enough toys and candy for the two of them," one reviewer noted. 

Buy the Ultimate Easter gift basket from Gourmet Gift Baskets for $109.99 as of February 2023. 

Best budget Easter basket

Not everyone on your list needs to be gifted a giant Easter basket. If you're shopping for a boss, an employee, or a few of the neighborhood kids, you can show them you care without breaking the bank. This simple basket from Lindt features two of the brand's famous gold chocolate bunnies in a cute Easter packaging, complete with a basket motif and handles. At under $10 from Target, you could even buy enough of them to offer as favors to guests who attend your Easter brunch event or as a thank you to the hosts of any parties you go to. 

Lindt's reputation for making high-quality chocolate, along with the classic nature of the gold foil-wrapped bunny treats, make this option a natural inclusion as a solid and reliable budget Easter basket. Whether your recipient is 4 years old or 94 years old, they won't be disappointed when they find this treat waiting for them. 

Buy a Lindt Easter Gold Bunny milk chocolate basket from Target for $8.99 as of February 2023.

Best classic Easter basket

Is there a more classic Easter character than Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit? When you're looking for a classy Easter basket that's well-suited for practically any recipient, young or old, consider the Williams Sonoma x Pottery Barn Kids Beatrix Potter Easter basket. The basket comes in several different sizes, each with slightly different toys and treats included. 

The large basket features Easter-centric candy options, including a foil-wrapped chocolate bunny, chocolate carrots, sweet sanded eggs, and even a Peter Rabbit lollipop. The reusable wicker basket also comes with a plush Peter Rabbit toy and a Beatrix Potter basket liner that can be personalized with your recipient's name for an additional fee. At over $150 (not including personalization), it's certainly not a budget gift basket, but considering that it comes from Williams Sonoma and has sophistication written all over it (figuratively, not literally), the higher price point isn't a big surprise.

Order the Williams Sonoma x Pottery Barn Kids Beatrix Potter Easter basket exclusively from Williams Sonoma for $159.95 as of February 2023. 

Best personalized Easter basket

If you want to send a special Easter basket to your favorite family members or friends, it's hard to go wrong with Harry & David's personalized Easter Fun gift basket. This reusable felt basket can be personalized with a name up to nine letters long on the front. It comes stuffed with thematic sweets (and possibly a mystery plush animal — some reviews mention a bunny and others a chick, although the images don't show it), including Moose Munch chocolate popcorn, malt ball mini eggs, an egg-shaped lollipop, egg-shaped marshmallow, chocolate bunny, bunny-shaped cookie, and chocolate-covered pretzels. 

Like 1-800-Baskets, Harry & David falls under the 1-800-Flowers umbrella of brands, so this basket is eligible for free shipping nationwide as part of the company's Passport program. One 5-star reviewer wrote, "I sent my granddaughter this personalized Easter basket with the name of her firstborn child on it. [...] My granddaughter absolutely loved everything about it! [...] The quality of this basket is amazing! All the goodies in it were fresh and yummy!"

Order a Personalized Easter Fun gift basket from Harry & David for $69.99 as of February 2023.

Best Easter basket for grandparents

Just because grandma and grandpa are unlikely to take part in the annual Easter egg hunt, that doesn't mean they wouldn't relish a thoughtful Easter basket, too. This adorable Braxton Bunny & Chocolates container from Olive & Cocoa couldn't be more perfect for grandparents or anyone who loves decorating for Easter. It would even make a great gift for your boss or work friend who loves setting out holiday-themed candy dishes to share goodies with the office. 

Rather than a standard basket, the Braxton Bunny is made of a resin composite designed to look like rustic, carved wood. At just over a foot tall, it's the perfect Easter candy display item for a side table or desk that can be used over and over again. Plus, it comes with a pound of foil-wrapped egg-shaped chocolates, qualifying the gift as a pre-stuffed Easter basket, even though its cute and kitschy display is more adult-friendly than meant for kids. 

Order Braxton Bunny & Chocolates from Olive & Cocoa for $174 as of February 2023. 

Best Easter basket for adults

Who says kids should get to have all the fun on Easter? After all the work that parents go through to pull off a magical day, it seems like they should be rewarded with their own Easter basket (even if they end up buying it for themselves). The key to the best adult-friendly Easter basket is to make sure it has an assortment of savory, sweet, and dare we suggest, alcoholic treats included inside. 

The Hickory Farms Springtime treats & wine gift basket is the perfect mix of Easter-friendly sweet treats, like pastel-colored Jordan almonds and a hydrangea-decorated sugar cookie, along with savory meats and cheeses, and two full-sized bottles of wine from Generosity Cellars. So, while the kids are tearing through the house and yard searching for hidden eggs, the adults can pop open a bottle of rosé or chardonnay (or both, no one's judging) to enjoy with a few Easter treats of their own. 

Get your own Springtime treats & wine gift basket from Hickory Farms for $89.99 as of February 2023.

Best Easter basket for babies

The littlest babies may not be ready to participate in an Easter egg hunt or indulge in egg-shaped candies, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't receive their own Easter basket for the springtime holiday. The Bunnies by the Bay Bun Bun Bunny gift bucket set is the perfect gender-neutral option to help make the Easter holiday special for the infant in your life. 

The soft-sided fabric bucket is made to look like an Easter bunny, complete with ears attached to the handles and a fuzzy tail on the backside. Inside, the bucket comes loaded with a plush, long-eared bunny, a bunny-shaped rattle, and a bunny-themed storybook, all of which are sure to be enjoyed long past the Easter holiday. You also have the option to personalize the gift bucket with the recipient's name for an additional fee. While certainly not necessary, it's a nice touch for a baby's first Easter keepsake gift. 

Order a Bun Bun Bunny gift bucket set from The Bunnies by the Bay for $74.95 as of February 2023.

Best Easter basket for toddlers

If you're celebrating Easter with a toddler this year, you know it's going to be a long, exciting day. Between Easter egg hunts, special meals, family gatherings, and religious events, it's the type of day that can leave a toddler overtired and overstimulated in a flash — teeter-tottering from a giggling, bundle of joy one second to a screaming, crying mess the next. Given the nature of the holiday, chances are your little one will already be receiving lots of sweet treats from well-meaning sources, so it may not be the best time to add even more sugar to your child's system with a chocolate or candy-stuffed Easter basket. 

Instead, consider picking up an Easter-themed educational toy, like the Pretex Easter eggs educational puzzle in a basket. The bright, plastic basket comes filled with eggs that are actually puzzle pieces. Each one breaks in half, revealing different colors and shapes that your child can work to match together. It makes a great alternative to a more traditional Easter basket at an incredibly reasonable price. It's also a hit with reviewers — the toy has maintained a 4.6-star Amazon rating with more than 600 reviews. "I bought this for my two-year-old's Easter basket, and he loved it! [...] The value for my money couldn't be beat, either," said one happy customer

Purchase Pretex's Easter eggs educational puzzle in a basket on Amazon for $11.99 as of February 2023.

Best sensory Easter basket

There are kids of all ages, from toddlers to teens, who benefit more from active, sensory toys than they do from candy and stuffed animals. If your child falls into this category, skip the basket full of traditional treats and opt instead for a pre-made sensory Easter basket by Oriental Cherry. The set comes with a bunny-themed felt basket and 24 different fidget toys sure to satisfy (and occupy) your favorite fidgety kid. The toys include Easter-themed pop toys like a carrot and bunny-shaped pop, along with stretchy strings and caterpillars, squishies, pull-back cars, and pop tubes. 

The product has been well received on Amazon, maintaining a 4.5-star rating with more than 200 reviews. That said, reviewers note the basket itself is smaller than expected, so be cognizant of its size if you're giving larger gift baskets to other children. "Daughter said the variety of fidget was awesome. It was much more useful than candy," shared one 5-star reviewer

Purchase a pre-made Easter basket with sensory toys from Oriental Cherry from Amazon for $14.99 as of February 2023. 

Best Easter basket for boys

For the sports-obsessed boy (or, let's be honest, girl) in your life, a bunny and egg-filled basket may not be the right choice for Easter morning. Let your favorite sports fan know you're thinking of them with an adorable sports-themed basket from Walmart. You can choose between a basketball or football-themed basket, each stuffed to the brim with sports toys, Peeps, and candy-filled eggs. Even the baskets themselves are on theme, with the basketball basket shaped like a basketball hoop, and the football basket made to look like a football. 

The specific toys included vary based on the sports theme, but popular candies like Skittles and Pez are featured, along with toys like bubbles, whistles, and plush or plastic balls. Unfortunately, if your sports fan is into soccer, baseball, or lacrosse, these baskets may not land quite the punch you're looking for as the specific themes are limited.

Purchase a basketball or football-themed gift basket from Walmart starting at $41.97 as of February 2023.

Best Easter basket for girls

If the young girl (or boy) in your life is more drawn to unicorns and magical animals than standard Easter bunnies or chicks, you're in luck — there's a basket for that. The Magical Unicorn Easter gift pail from Eat Gourmet! is all about taking Easter fun to the next level. The soft-sided reusable pail is shaped like a unicorn and comes stuffed with a plush unicorn and unicorn-themed cotton candy, marshmallows, jellybeans, and lollipops. Plus, in a nod to a more traditional Easter basket, it also includes a chocolate bunny, Peeps, and a few other sweet treats. 

For the pink-loving child who can't get enough of horned horses, the pail and plush will remain favorite keepsakes long after the candy is all gone. Plus, it's an affordable option, especially when you consider you don't have to lift a finger to find the goodies and stuff the basket yourself. 

Purchase a Magical Unicorn Easter gift pail from Eat Gourmet! starting at $34.95 as of February 2023.

Best Easter basket for moms

Let's be honest — most of the Easter holiday planning and execution falls on the shoulders of mom. She's figuring out the schedule of events, helping dye eggs and plan Easter egg hunts, doing most of the shopping and cooking for the after-church meal, and organizing the Easter baskets for the whole family. Even if dad is doing a lot of the legwork, mom's most likely at the helm, calling the shots. 

Let her know you appreciate her time and effort with an Easter basket of her own. While this basket by Yishily isn't exclusively for Easter, the goodies tucked inside (including a lucky stuffed bunny) are perfectly on theme. In fact, the basket (or box, technically) includes a stainless-steel wine tumbler, journal, aromatherapy candle, diamond-adorned pen, bath bombs, fuzzy socks, card, and reusable box. Together they'll send a message to mom loud and clear: "Thank you — now go relax." It's a gift (and message) she's sure to truly appreciate.

Buy the Yishily relaxing & spa gift set box basket on Amazon for $32.95 as of February 2023.

Best Easter basket for dads

With mom taken care of, it's important to recognize all that dad does on Easter day, too ... but gifting him a pastel basket stuffed with candy or spa goodies may not go over that well. Instead, this guy's guy Easter basket for men from Gourmet Gift Baskets is the perfect way to say thank you for all the ways dad helped make the big day a success. 

The plain metal pail (no Easter bunny ears or pastel colors here!) is filled to the brim with dude-friendly items like bottled beers and gourmet snacks including sausage, cheese, pistachios, crackers, kettle corn, and of course, beef jerky. The beers themselves are a step above your standard Bud or Miller Lite and include pale lagers from Stella Artois, Moosehead Brewery, Kirin Brewing Company, Red Stripe, and Dos Equis XX, along with a porter from Founders Brewing Company. It's certainly enough beer and snacks to help dad enjoy his Easter with the family and share a few items with the grandpas and uncles, too. 

Buy your dad an Easter basket for men from Gourmet Gift Baskets for $119.99 as of February 2023.

Best gourmet chocolates Easter basket

There are some people who live for Easter-themed chocolate candies and who want nothing to do with the Peeps, jellybeans, or bunny-shaped confections abundant in many gift baskets. So, give the chocoholic what they really want this Easter: a gourmet chocolate Easter basket. Keep in mind, this isn't your standard chocolate egg-filled basket. Rather, the Delysia Easter gift basket is filled with the types of chocolate treats you (and your recipient) aren't likely to find elsewhere.

The selection includes award-winning chocolate truffles in mint chocolate chip, cookie dough, salted caramel, and marshmallow flavors. Beyond the truffles, the basket also includes molded chocolate bunnies in white, milk, and dark chocolate, Peeps molded chocolates in Easter colors, and a small stuffed animal to round everything out. It makes a great gift for a girlfriend, parent, or college student with a gourmet palate. And if you're so inclined, you can even add Delysia's painted chocolate eggs to the basket to up the ante even more. 

Purchase an Easter gift basket from Delysia Chocolatier for $69.95 as of February 2023.

Best sweet treat assortment Easter basket

Is an Easter brunch spread really complete without a few dessert options to choose from? If you want to offer cookies and candies to your guests (or if you've been tasked with bringing them to a family event) but you don't have the energy to spend all day in the kitchen, an Easter gift basket from Cheryl's Cookies is a perfect choice. The woven yellow bow-adorned gift basket is the perfect, reusable display to place on the buffet, and it comes packed with a wide assortment of goodies. 

Inside, you'll find 11 large buttercream-frosted sugar cookies (decorated like bunnies, chicks, and carrots), foil-wrapped chocolate eggs, 10 smaller snack-sized cookies (including cereal, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, chocolate obsession, and sugar cookie flavors), jellybeans, a chocolate bunny, and two confection-covered treats. It's definitely enough to feed a crowd, and with no baking required it's a no-brainer Easter gift basket suitable for practically every family. 

Buy an Easter gift basket from Cheryl's Cookies for $59.99 as of February 2023.

Best Easter basket for teachers

Teachers, librarians, daycare workers ... heck, anyone who loves a good tote bag and who deserves a little Easter acknowledgment will absolutely love the Happy Easter bunny & sweets tote from Olive & Cocoa. The reusable tote is the exact type of bag every elementary school teacher loves to have on hand to show off to their students every year, and this one comes packed to the gills with cute and delicious treats. Your recipient will receive a 14-inch plush bunny, sprinkle-covered sandwich cookies, a large bunny-shaped sugar cookie, gummy bears, and pastel-colored jellybeans. 

Of course, while teachers are the natural recipients of an Easter gift packed up in a tote bag, the goodies included are a great gift for practically anyone. So, if you're looking for a good assortment of items for grandma, mom, or even your favorite teenager, it's hard to go wrong with this option.

Order a Happy Easter bunny & sweets tote from Olive & Cocoa for $88 as of February 2023. 

Best party gift Easter basket

Not every Easter gift basket has to be given or used on Easter day itself. In fact, if you're hosting an Easter egg dyeing party or if you're getting together with friends to plan the neighborhood Easter egg hunt, it doesn't hurt to set the mood with a snack-filled, adult-friendly Easter basket (or box). The Buds & Blooms gift box with wine from Hickory Farms offers the perfect assortment of snacks for a small Easter gathering, making it ideal for an event host. 

This box includes summer sausage, blocks of cheddar and gouda cheeses, sweet hot mustard, pastel-colored taffy candies, and a bottle of California rosé wine from Generosity Cellars. While this particular gift box is new to Hickory Farms, it's been well-received by reviewers. One happy customer specifically called out the selection of items as being particularly nice and noted, "Recipient was very pleased. [...] I chose it personally because of the nice variety of product[s]." 

Purchase the Buds & Blooms gift box with wine from Hickory Farms for $61.99 as of February 2023. 

Best Easter basket for breakfast lovers

Pinterest is filled with Easter breakfast spreads featuring homemade masterpieces of bunny-shaped cinnamon rolls, Peeps-adorned fruit kabobs, and edible hashbrown potato nests filled with hardboiled eggs. These "Easter goals" breakfasts look fantastic in theory but require more time and energy than most people have in real life. So, if you don't have three hours to prepare a fanciful Easter breakfast bounty (and who could blame you), an Easter-themed breakfast gift basket may be a better choice. 

The Easter gift basket from Wolferman's Bakery gives you all the sweet treats you could want in a completely hassle-free basket. The selection includes a package of original English muffins, a blueberry loaf cake, vanilla-iced vanilla Belgian waffles with sprinkles, an Easter egg-decorated shortbread cookie, a jar of strawberry preserves, and a package of malt ball mini eggs to round out the Easter morning offerings. For anyone who would rather skip cooking and dive right into eating as the kids start their Easter egg hunt, this gift basket is sure to be a hit. 

Purchase an Easter gift basket from Wolferman's Bakery for $49.99 as of February 2023.

Best Easter basket for relaxing

Not everyone likes chocolate, candy, snacks, or wine. For those of us who can't get enough of holiday-themed sweets, this can be hard to understand, but if your giftee doesn't have a sweet tooth, you may want to opt for a spa-focused gift instead. This fun Have a Tweet Easter box from 1-800-Flowers is all about reusable self-care gifts perfect for helping your sweet-eschewing loved one relax following the holiday.

This non-traditional Easter basket includes a hand-poured orange-scented soy candle, a box of matches, a small rustic white frame, a bar of orange-oatmeal-scented handmade soap, a papier-mâché egg, and a felt Easter chick. You can also send it with a custom greeting card offering your personalized Easter well-wishes.

Anyone who's hosting your family for the Easter holiday weekend will surely appreciate this gift too. It's a lot to host a holiday event and have house guests at the same time. So if you want to show extra gratitude to a family member or friend who has opened their home to you for Easter, this box is a great option. You could even pre-fill the frame with a photo taken together.

Purchase a Have a Tweet Easter Box from 1-800-Flowers for $69 as of February 2023.