Rice Flour Is Your Ticket To Extra Crispy Chicken Without The Grease

Fried chicken could easily land on a list of foods people love to eat at restaurants, but might struggle to replicate at home. Reasons to make fried chicken at home may include saving money on take-out, the desire to create a healthier version, or wanting to recreate a family favorite recipe. We know fried chicken is delicious on its own — it's the perfect fast food kind of comfort meal. It's also easily paired with sides, of which we all have our favorites, but it's easy to throw together coleslaw or serve up some boxed mac and cheese. So, let's talk about perfecting fried chicken.

Deep down, you know that the crispy fried chicken you love isn't soggy after 10 minutes of serving. It also shouldn't be super greasy, have too much breading, or lack seasoning. One option is to play around with a basic fried chicken recipe and add spices to taste, such as cayenne pepper and ginger. If you're still making mistakes with your chicken, keep your coating very thin. However, it's possible the amount of flour being used is not your problem. Maybe the type of flour you are using is wrong. Next time you go grocery shopping, ignore the all-purpose flour and grab rice flour instead.

Use rice flour for lighter, crispier fried chicken

Don't be afraid of using rice flour — it's just finely ground rice. Some Asian versions of fried chicken feature rice flour or cornstarch, like in tempura batter, which is why the results are lighter but still crispy and full of flavor. Rice flour also doesn't absorb too much oil, therefore, your chicken will taste crispier, and the coating also won't overpower the chicken's natural flavor or the flavor of any added spices. Couple with some cornstarch in your dredge to absorb extra moisture if you marinade your chicken first. Plus, cornstarch also helps keep things crunchy without weighing your batter down and ensures your chicken is thoroughly coated. 

Using rice flour to make fried chicken version is also allergy friendly, as rice flour is gluten-free (per Foods Guy). It's a good choice when entertaining guests who need gluten-free options or if you want to be gentler with your own stomach. Now that you know all about the perks of rice flour, why not try a great fried chicken recipe and explore the possibilities? Don't forget to respect the basics: Let your chicken rest and make sure your oil temperature is within the ideal range before frying. You might just unlock a home-cooked meal that will put take-out to shame.