The Quickest Addition To Give Some Body To Homemade Simple Syrup

The age-old addition of simple syrup to drinks doesn't just apply to cocktails, but also to the morning ritual of coffee. A little dash of simple syrup to your morning cold brew in the summer or your hot cup of joe in the fall and winter can really elevate your coffee to the next level. It provides that extra oomph in terms of balance and mouthfeel, and balances out any tart or bitter flavors, giving any drink a more luxurious roundness to it.

The easiest way to make homemade simple syrup involves heating up equal parts sugar and water in a saucepan or other heat-safe vessel and mixing until the sugar dissolves and creates a syrupy solution. It's definitely one of the most simple recipes out there — pun only partially intended. You just want to make sure you don't boil off too much water so that your intended ratio stays intact. Usually, people go for a 1:1 ratio of sugar to water. 

However, to really get that thick consistency so it truly feels like a syrup, sometimes people will employ a 2:1 sugar-to-water ratio instead. This version of simple syrup, often referred to as rich syrup, is a more than acceptable variation on this classic ingredient. 

How to stabilize your simple syrup

Unfortunately, there is one drawback you should be aware of when making simple syrup. It can crystallize if the sugar molecules are more densely packed together, making it much easier for them to cluster. If you're not careful, you can risk ruining that silky syrup texture you intended, per Cook's Illustrated.

One way to avoid those pesky crystallized sugar clusters is to add just a little bit of corn syrup to your simple syrup mixture. A little will go a long way, so there's no need to deviate too much from the normal recipe. According to The Weary Chef, the corn syrup simply acts as a stabilizer that slows the likelihood of crystallization.

This way you don't have to compromise on that rich texture and can confidently add your homemade mixture to coffee, tea, cocktails, or refreshing beverages like lemonade without worrying about clumpy sugar making its way into your concoction. In fact, keeping a jar of simple syrup nearby will even help you with your baking needs as it can provide a more consistent dose of sweetness and moistness between layers of cake and even keep your baked goods fresh for longer. If you do opt for that thicker, rich syrup version, you can even use it in a pinch on top of waffles and pancakes, proving that homemade simple syrup truly is a home cook pro-tip.