The Onion Ring Hack To Keep Eggs In Place On A Breakfast Sandwich

We can debate the greatest sandwiches of all time from now until kingdom come. That topic isn't getting stale anytime soon, but one thing we can agree on is that if you're making a sandwich and it's breakfast time, you've got to have eggs. Otherwise, isn't it just a super early lunch? From the classic combination of egg & cheese to a zesty southwest omelette wrap, breakfast sandwiches are perfect for on-the-go, ready-to-eat meals that save you time on that one day of the week you, in fact, do have to go to the office.

But when you're hungry, it can be hard to exercise restraint with ingredients and toppings. Hey, sometimes we want that extra egg or an extra dollop of that fancy hot mustard to complete the optimal breakfast sandwich. Naturally, we like our eggs a bit runny. Who doesn't? It gives the sandwich its characteristic silky texture, coating the other ingredients in its umami yolk of golden taste opportunities. Plus, we might have just the thing to keep that egg from running so far that it runs right off your sandwich and onto your new denim jacket that survived without a stain for all of two weeks. According to Lifehacker, you should put onion rings on your breakfast sandwich.

Adding functionality and flavor to your breakfast

Like the accidental advent of french fries, the addition of the onion ring to the breakfast sandwich came about like a bolt of lightning, an innovation that stemmed from a Lifehacker writer hoping to use some leftovers from another cooking experiment. When put together, it just makes sense. Not only does the onion ring help keep the egg stable, preventing spillage and drippage, it also adds a much-needed textural component to your breakfast sandwich. It's really quite genius when you think about it.

Judging by @shayspence's TikTok video showcasing this crunchy combo, cooking the egg in the onion ring itself seems like the way to go. It's going to lock in the yolk and add a perfect level of crispiness to the usually-sort-of-soft sandwich. Now, your morning commute is going to be much cleaner and a lot tastier. While this hack comes in handy when you're on to go, it's also great to munch down on during a cozy Sunday brunch at home. The textural advantages and rich layers of onion flavor are well worth the slightly extra effort.