A Couple Ordered A Massive McDonald's Order For Their Wedding And TikTok Isn't Happy

We all know weddings can be expensive, but there are always methods to cut corners and save some cash, especially when it comes to the food. Sure, many high-end catering companies serve appetizing meals, but so do many fast food chains. So if you're a fan of Mickey D's burgers and fries, who says you can't have them served at your wedding?

It's a bit unorthodox, and some might even call it tacky, but it's the route that one couple chose to take for their mid-winter wedding. A McDonald's employee, who was working the day the newlyweds placed the order, shared the details of the massive undertaking on TikTok. The grand total for the order was $97.43.

Roaming Hunger claims the average cost for wedding catering for 100 guests is a whopping $7,000. From that, we can assume that the average cost for 50 guests is half that amount. The number of guests is unclear from the TikTok post, but it's pretty easy to conclude that this couple saved thousands of dollars with this decision.

Some could call it a wise choice, but many respondents on TikTok weren't happy about it for a few specific reasons.

The order was a lot of work

The $97.43 order consisted of more than 30 Chicken McNuggets, two Big Macs, a few bundle meals, five McChickens, and several other items. The TikTok creator says in the video that there's nothing wrong with wanting McDonald's for your wedding, but the problem was that the order appeared to be placed via the drive-thru window. That means the crew had to prepare all the items on the spot. "It was a lot of work, let me tell you. It was a lot of food," he said.

Followers of the post had mixed responses to the ordeal. One said, "I love thissss," while another said, "Thats the best wedding ever!" But others weren't impressed. One said, "I'm sorry in a drive through ... that's a full cater order." Another added, "I would've quit rii then & THERE."

By the way, McDonald's does offer catering, but it's not revealed in the video or comments why the couple didn't use this option. Perhaps it was a last-minute decision. It's also not revealed how long it took the crew to prepare the order. But for all their hard work, one person commented that the employees deserve a raise. Hopefully, the wedding celebrants were delighted by their meal.