Upside Down Fried Eggs Are Magic For A Mess-Free Breakfast Sandwich

Everyone thinks they're an expert when it comes to making eggs in the morning. And technically, everyone is an eggs-pert if they've perfected cooking eggs the way they like them. Everyone's got a preference. Scrambled, sunny-side up, hard-boiled, omelet, poached, sous vide... There are practically endless ways to cook the perfect egg.

Then there's the question of how to serve your eggs. Making an eggs benedict at home might be best saved for weekend brunches when you have time to enjoy cheffing it up in the kitchen. On a daily basis, many opt for the humble breakfast sandwich that you can eat on the go.

The problem, of course, is in the potential for mess. If your homemade breakfast sandwiches often resemble the Leaning Tower of Pisa, you're likely to end up eating most of the ingredients from your plate since they slid off your stuffed sandwich as soon as you took a bite.

If you're looking for a mess-free breakfast sandwich that's easy to eat whether you're rushing out the door or on a nice sofa with a tough-to-clean rug beneath your feet, this tip is a game-changer.

The tip is in the flip

If you're someone who loves eggs sunny-side up or with the yolk intact, Lifehacker reveals that the best breakfast sandwich-making approach is to flip the egg directly onto your piece of toast, bread, or bagel rather than flipping it in the pan. This way, you've crisped up the bottom white of the egg, the edges are cooked to perfection, and the yolk is still going to be golden and runny. Plus, when you flip that baby onto one of the slices of bread and complete your sandwich, the bottom piece of bread is going to sop up all that yolk, absorbing it without it letting it slide out the sides of your breakfast sandwich.

Egg-sentially, with this technique, instead of serving your eggs sunny side up, you're choosing sunny side down. So next time you're at a diner and they ask you how you want your eggs, tell them Mashed sent you and you want them sunny side down. Not over easy. Not over hard. Over bread.