Burger King Is Finally Adding Spicy Chicken Fries To The Menu

As winter starts to wind down, Burger King is gearing up for the new season by bringing back several fan-favorite menu items starting March 6, 2023. First added to the menu in 2022, Burger King's Melts have returned once again in three different variations: the Classic Melt, the Spicy Melt, and the Bacon Melt, according to a press release from the chain. All three Melts feature two Whopper Jr. beef patties topped with melted American cheese and caramelized onions between two toasted buns.

The Classic Melt will also include Stacker sauce, while the Spicy Melt will have jalapeños and a spicy sauce instead. Lastly, as the name implies, the Bacon Melt comes with crispy bacon in addition to the other standard toppings. That's not all you'll find on Burger King's spring menu, which will be available until May 14, 2023 — there's also a spicy new twist on one of BK's classic chicken offerings.

Spicy chicken fries are available for a limited time

According to a press release from Burger King, the popular fast food burger chain is introducing a new spicy version of its Chicken Fries that will be available at participating locations throughout the United States from March 6, 2023 to May 14, 2023. The chain first introduced chicken fries to its menu in 2005 and were taken on and off the menu for several years before becoming a main staple menu item in 2015.

The hype for the spicy chicken fries is real, and a few Burger King fans on the Reddit thread r/fastfood voiced their thoughts on the new spicy menu item. "I'm a big fan of the chicken fries so I look forward to trying these out," one user wrote. "I don't expect [it] to be spicy but hopefully more flavor." This isn't the first time Burger King played around with this particular menu item, previously offering jalapeño chicken fries, pretzel chicken fries, and even buffalo chicken fries. If you're getting hungry thinking about them, be sure to snag some before they vanish on May 14.