The Reason Food Experts Would Never Buy Flour At Costco

Costco is one of the largest retail stores in the world and is known for its high-quality brands, free samples, and low-priced food court items. Every year, shoppers stock up on toilet paper, rice, coffee, toothpaste, pet food, and other products, reaping the benefits of buying in bulk. Many don't think twice about the items they choose. They need something, they see it on a shelf, and they toss it into their shopping cart. 

But other shoppers use a little more caution when it comes to purchasing food products from Costco. Although buying in bulk can save you money, it also has its disadvantages, especially when it comes to flour. A standard bag of flour that you'd purchase at smaller grocery stores like Aldi, Kroger, or Walmart weighs 5 pounds, but Costco sells bags that are five times that in weight. So unless you'll be doing a lot of baking — or you're buying ingredients for a restaurant — food experts would not recommend purchasing flour from Costco for one specific reason.

Pay attention to where and how you store flour

Healthline claims you can store flour at room temperature for three to eight months. A 25-pound bag from Costco would obviously last longer than a 5-pound bag in amount, but not in freshness; the expiration date wouldn't change. So, if you don't plan to use all 25 pounds within a few months, you'll need to store it in a different container to prevent it from going bad.

Charlene Haugsven, the founder of, shared her thoughts on the topic with CNBC. "I would never want to store 25 pounds of flour," she said. "That's a whole year's worth of flour in advance." The potential problem comes down to storage, which begs the question: What's the best way to store 25 pounds of flour?

U.S. Flour provides some bulk storage guidelines. The first thing to consider is the container you use: It should be air-tight. Ziploc bags or airtight jars will do the trick. Also, make sure that the storage area is cool and dry with little to no light exposure. The refrigerator (if you have room) or a deep freezer are both great options. If you'll be doing a lot of baking, you shouldn't have any issues with buying a 25-pound bag of flour at Costco. If you won't be doing a lot of baking, make sure to store flour properly. Otherwise, you may find it more convenient to buy a smaller bag elsewhere.