Can You Actually Order A Harold And Kumar Special At White Castle?

White Castle sliders have a special place in the hearts of many people. Their flavor and convenience make them an excellent choice for late-night munchies, road trips, and even a quick lunch while on your break at work. Interestingly, White Castle made headlines when they offered two huge pallets of sliders back in 2012, with each pallet having 6,912 sliders and costing $25,000. The best and coolest thing about the slider pallets is that all of the net profits were donated to help with autism research.

White Castle has been established for a long time, first opening their doors in 1921 in Kansas. They're also commonly considered to be the first fast food chain in the United States. One of the biggest ways White Castle has made an impact on pop culture was when the movie "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle" was released. This movie is about two stoner friends going on an adventure that ends with them ordering a boatload of food. Many fans love the classic movie so much that they've made trips to White Castle themselves, wanting to order the Harold and Kumar special. 

But can you actually order it?

The Harold and Kumar special doesn't technically exist

In the movie "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle," Harold and Kumar each order 30 sliders, four large Cherry Cokes, and five french fries, with Kumar requesting his drinks to be diet Cherry Cokes. Especially after the journey they had, this meal is well deserved, and they make sure to savor every bit of it, ending the meal with happy tears (via TikTok). If you're wanting to head to your nearest White Castle and try a "Harold and Kumar special," here's what you should order.

As of March 1, 2023, White Castle has a few menu options that offer bigger amounts of sliders known as Big Craves, such as a sack, which is 10 sliders; a Crave Case, which is 30 sliders; and a Crave Crate, which is 100 sliders. The popular slider fast food chain also offered a Crave Clutch during the Covid-19 pandemic that had 20 sliders. 

So, while the Harold and Kumar special isn't actually a thing you can order, you can still make your own by ordering a Crave Case, five french fries, and four large (regular or diet) Cherry Cokes.