Marc Murphy's Ultimate Potato Dish Is A Must-Know - Exclusive

Whether one is into creamy mashed potatoes, baked potatoes adorned with bacon bits and sour cream, or simple but crunchy French fries, potatoes are delicious no matter how one makes them. Celebrity chef and TV personality Marc Murphy knows a thing or two about how versatile potatoes are, as he grew up all over the world and lived in some of the best food cities on the planet.

Through his time in Paris, New York, and Rome, Murphy picked up some tips and tricks from each city. He's also been introduced to new dishes that would become his favorites, including potato dishes. One of these favorite dishes is pommes fondant, which he told Mashed in an exclusive interview during the South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

Pommes fondant, which translates to "melting potatoes," is a potato dish that originated in France. If one were to see it on the menu at a restaurant, it would likely be a side paired with a chicken, steak, veal, or another meat. This dish is traditionally prepared by peeling and cutting potatoes into cylindrical shapes, searing them on both sides, and baking them in the oven. It is also known for having a crunchy outside while maintaining a soft inside. With a mouthwatering description like that, it's easy to understand why it's Murphy's favorite. 

Marc Murphy's Advice on Making Pommes Fondant

While the name of Marc Murphy's favorite potato dish is fancy, the cooking process is relatively simple, especially when Murphy explains it. To make this dish at home, simply gather potatoes, a neutral oil or butter, seasonings, and cooking supplies. Once ready to cook, wash the potatoes, then follow Murphy's steps while filling in the gaps with a recipe. 

"Peel [the potatoes] and [cut them so] they're almost an inch thick," Murphy said. "Sear them on both sides. Put a little rosemary, maybe a little thyme, a little garlic. Get some stock. Put them in the oven." 

While fancy on the surface, pommes fondant can be made at home as an elegant side dish to impress friends, as a delicious French fry alternative to go with dinner, or as a nice afternoon snack. While one might have to attempt the recipe a few times to get it 100% right, overall, this potato dish is easy to make and delicious with a one-of-a-kind taste and texture. In other words, the dish wasn't named "melting potatoes" for nothing. 

"They cook nice and slowly," Murphy said. "That's why they call them 'pommes fondant' because they melt in your mouth."

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