TikTok Is Floored Over A Starbucks Not Having Espresso For 2 Months

Supply chain issues aren't anything new, but the past few years have forced us to be hyperaware of the problem. Of all the restaurants in the United States, an estimated 95% of them were affected by supply chain issues and shortages at the end of 2021, according to a survey from the National Restaurant Association. With TikTok's quick and recent rise in popularity, many employees are taking to the social media platform to vent about these problems and how they affect their day-to-day job.

For example, one Starbucks employee and TikTok user shared the frustrations she and her coworkers have with their store not having espresso for two whole months. The TikTok was posted on February 22, 2023, and features white text on the video that reads "Happy 2 month anniversary of still no espresso." Also seen in the TikTok is a sign next to the drink menu that says "No espresso" in a red stop sign design with a list of the drinks the store does have such as matcha, iced tea, cold brew, chai, refreshers, hot tea, frappuccinos, and iced/hot coffee. TikTok is shaken by this news, and here's what people have been saying.

A coffee shop without espresso is unheard of

The TikTok user's video continued with a glimpse at the broken espresso machine with "Omg it's still broken?" written on the back of it and tally marks for how many times customers have asked that question, which appeared to be way too many times. As if all of that wasn't enough, the Starbucks store also has a whiteboard that says "We're out of espresso, dignity, cinnamon." Several Starbucks employees sympathized with the original poster of the TikTok, with some even saying that similar situations have happened at their own stores.


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One purported Starbucks employee wrote, "We are currently out of cold brew, hot lids, strawberry açaí, mango dragon, frapp base, matcha, lemonade, and food." Yikes! Another commented, "Our brewer was down for like two weeks. A coffee shop. No coffee. A COFFE [sic] SHOP. NO FRICKIN COFFEE." This isn't the first time that the coffee chain and its employees felt the strain of supply chain issues. In fact, one of Starbucks' most important items was victim to supply chain issues: disposable cups. During that time in 2022, some stores had to split large drink orders up into several small cups. Hopefully the TikToker's store gets espresso back in stock soon!