Eitan Bernath Names The Celebs He Wants To Cook With And We Are Here For It

There's no doubt that Eitan Bernath has made the most of his 20 years on Earth so far. He gained notoriety in the kitchen at a young age, and from there has built a digital food brand that reaches more than 350 million people around the world. That kind of following has opened a lot of doors for Bernath – from invitations to the White House, to a new partnership with the UN World Food Program, to becoming the Principal Culinary Contributor for "The Drew Barrymore Show" on CBS – and it has given him access to countless celebrities and high profile figures.

He'll be the first to admit that one of the best perks of his career taking off has been getting the chance to meet and work with amazing talent. Of course, there's still plenty in store for his career, meaning lots of new chances to work with entertainers, other chefs, and more.

In an exclusive interview, Bernath revealed who's at the top of his bucket list of celebrities he wants to work together in the kitchen with. And Bernath has already got ideas in mind of what dishes he'd want to make for the cooking collabs of his dreams. Given Bernath's path to success, anything is possible – we'd be willing to be you'll see at least one of these A-listers on Bernath's feed sooner rather than later. And we promise you'll want front row seats to the show.

Bernath wants to make ingredients sing with some of his favorite music artists

If you've kept up with Eitan Bernath on TikTok, YouTube, and beyond, then you've seen him enjoy some pretty cool moments with new friends in the kitchen: the time he made roti with Bill Gates; prepared traditional Jewish cookies with Gail Simmons; made matzo ball soup with Marcus Samuelsson; launched a virtual summer camp with Rachael Ray; and so much more. But Bernath already has his sights set on the next guests he wants to cook with. Speaking with Tasting Table recently, Bernath admitted he wants to see if some of his favorite musical artists have the same kind of skills by the stove as on the stage.

In the world of food and media, Bernath confessed, "I've been fortunate to cook with a lot of people that I look up to." But that doesn't mean Bernath doesn't want to get out of the culinary zone for his next collaboration. "I'd probably go into the music category section," he said.

Cardi B is at the top of Bernath's celeb bucket list

First up, it should be no surprise to any of his fans that Bernath wants to cook with Cardi B. Not only has Eitan Bernath made dishes inspired by the artist before, but he even named his pet after the hip-hop queen. "My cat's name is Cardi. I do love Cardi B. I would love to cook with her." Bernath said he's had his menu for a Cardi collab planned out for a whole.

"I had this idea when she was starting out with Bodak Yellow. She's Dominican and Trinidadian. I wanted to make with her some type of black and yellow taco thing with yellow corn tortillas, some blackened fish or something." We're here for the creativity, and there's absolutely no doubt that the two of them together would bring some serious energy and laughs to the kitchen.

Eitan Bernath also wants to cook with Beyonce and Rihanna

Eitan Bernath has his sights set high (and we mean really, really high) and is looking to share the love in the kitchen. In addition, Bernath mentioned that he "would love to cook with Beyoncé [or] Rihanna." So essentially Bernath wants to have a kitchen hangout with some of the most talented and successful female musical artists of our time. Casual.

But if Bernath is able to make this dream come true, he's got some planning to do before Queen B or Rhi Rhi head over for dinner. "[For] Beyoncé, it would have to be something with hot sauce, because she has hot sauce in her bag, so she could whip it out mid-cooking," Bernath mused. As for Rihanna, the singer has a 10-month-old baby at home and is pregnant with her second child, so "maybe baby food?"