Jamie Oliver's Budget-Friendly No-Oven Pizza Is TikTok's New Love

Although we love a long, satisfying cooking session, we also like to take a break. This doesn't always mean ordering takeout, but sometimes simply choosing recipes that are less time-consuming and use fewer ingredients. (Think mug cake or our impulse to cook anything and everything in an air fryer.) And this kitchen burnout doesn't just happen to home cooks, but professionals appreciate a break too – including very famous ones like Jamie Oliver.

Perhaps surprisingly, many of the recipes Oliver shares on TikTok, like his 2-ingredient pasta, are very easy to replicate. It seems the celebrity chef is the king of convenience and accessibility, which pairs well with our busy lifestyles.

One video Oliver shared went beyond expectations, where he demonstrated a way to make pizza that is easier than we could have ever imagined — in fact, he uses just one pan and never even turns on the oven!

Jame Oliver made pizza in a pan

Making pizza dough from scratch in a matter of minutes, Oliver grilled the crust in a pan with olive oil until crispy on both sides. Next, he added canned tomatoes, sauteed onions, peppers, and grated cheese. After covering with a lid to get nice and melty, the dish was done in less than an hour!


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Commentators praised it for being quick, family-friendly, and convenient. "Great idea and a kid can participate," read a comment suggesting you top the pizza with leftover veggies. Another person asked Oliver to "make one with chicken," but luckily, this recipe is pretty versatile so you don't need to watch another TikTok to adjust it; feel free to play around with different cheeses, add more veggies or meat, or top with your favorite herbs.

Of course, this is the internet, so not everyone was wowed by Oliver's recipe: "I love Jamie but that's not a pizza. My Nonno is rolling in his grave at that," one critic commented, to which Oliver replied this is "just a budget-friendly pizza alternative," and not meant to be traditional. So if you're looking for a quick pizza recipe — albeit not one you're likely to find in an authentic Italian pizzeria – consider Oliver's TikTok-approved version.