The Luxury LA Cake Shop The Kardashians Always Buy From

Since first appearing on our TV screens in 2007, the Kardashian clan has given us countless memorable moments. From keeping us in suspense while Kim lost her diamond earrings to taking selfies on the way to a short stint in jail, our favorite silver screen family has made the reality TV scene a lot more interesting over the past 16 years. Of these meme-worthy moments, some of the most iconic involve food. Who could forget Khloe and Kim teaming up to deliver not one, but two cakes to Kris' face as revenge for attempting to mooch gifts out of her children (via TikTok).

Besides being beautifully decorated, the infamous revenge cake must have tasted pretty good too, as the clip ends with both Kardashian sisters kneeling down to sample bits of the cake from the floor. Given a confection this tasty, it's no wonder fans have been curious as to where the cake came from.

While the source of the delicious looking cakes has been mentioned on the show before, many fans learned of the Kardashian's favorite cake makers after the bakery, Hansen's Cakes, began posting Kardashian-themed videos. In particular, one video highlighted a birthday cake resembling a woven basket holding a bouquet of flowers for Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's daughter Stormi — and Kardashian fans took notice.

Hansen's Cakes has been operating in Los Angeles since the 1920s

Back during Kim Kardashian's unforgettable wedding saga with basketball player Kris Humphries, the ill-fated pair was depicted on a visit to Hansen's Cakes for a wedding cake tasting — though Humphries refused to take part in due to his diet, per Hansen's Cakes' TikTok. In the clip, Kim reveals that the family has been using Hansen's for many important events, including Khloe and Lamar's wedding. The Kardashian family's genuine loyalty to the bakery is something that fans appear to appreciate, with one user commenting, "I've always loved how consistent the Kardashians are. They use the same people for things and keep good relationships."

The bakery was successful long before their relationship with the famous family began. The bakery's history spans back to the Hansen family's roots in Denmark, where they began their journey in the baking industry. After the family immigrated to the Los Angeles area, they opened the Hansen's Cakes location that customers have been utilizing since in the 1920s.

Besides the Kardashians, the bakery has been behind some other famous celebrity cakes, including a life-sized Hello Kitty cake for Tori Spelling's daughter and a sheet cake specially designed for the release of Michelle Obama's autobiography. Given the artistry that goes into creating these decadent looking cakes, it's no surprise to see the Kardashians continue to return to Hansen's for their special events.