TikTok Ratatouille'd A Crawfish

Pixar's "Ratatouille" is probably one of the most well-loved animated movies of all time, especially among Gen Z and millennials who remember seeing it in theaters as kids. One fact that still surprises people about the movie (as well as the rat not being called Ratatouille) is that the eponymous dish doesn't actually feature in it at all, with Remy and the other characters cooking up a similar sliced vegetable recipe called byaldi instead: The more you know!

In addition to being a great movie, Ratatouille is also undeniably a huge part of contemporary internet culture, having influenced various rat-related memes from Anton Ego's flashback scene to the viral "Ratatouille" musical that provided hours of much-needed entertainment during the 2020 quarantine. While the Pixar film is a favorite among fans, cooking with a real-life rat in the kitchen would probably give you cholera, fans of the film have found, let's say, alternative methods to recreate the "Ratatouille" experience in their own workplaces and make even more memes out of everyone's favorite rodent.

What is going on in the video?


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In the viral video posted to TikTok by user @chef.aswolls, a chef is seen cooking a batch of crawfish boil. The person filming asks how the crawfish boil looks so good before removing his chef's baseball cap to reveal a live crawfish sitting on top of his head, Remy style.

The hilarious video has amassed over 398,000 likes and hundreds of comments. One user commented asking if the rice was fried by a lobster  referencing another popular meme. Another user commented noting the superiority of Carl the crawfish over Remy the rat, although it seems from the video's caption that the crawfish in question has been affectionately named Larry. 

Others pointed out that the scene was not so lighthearted, remarking on the crawfish's death and the murderous nature of Larry's act. However, one user noted that Larry was the true hero of the day, while others admired @chef.aswolls' dedication to comedy.