A Man Is Suing Dunkin Donuts Over Its Allegedly Rigged Mobile App

Though the U.S. undoubtedly loves Dunkin', some people have seemed less than thrilled with the chain's app. In 2019, for example, New York City sued Dunkin' after more than 300,000 customers were affected by a data breach and tens of thousands of dollars were stolen from their accounts. The lawsuit claimed that Dunkin' failed to disclose the severity of the breach to customers, therefore breaking NY laws regarding cybersecurity. The company was faced with $650,000 in fees and fines as part of a settlement.

Much more recently, a man from Boston took on Dunkin' by himself, with a class action lawsuit alleging the chain's app tacks on upcharges without customers noticing. He claimed that a coffee might cost one price on the menu, then anywhere from a few cents to a dollar more when paying. We get it, Dunkin' coffee used to be more affordable than it is today. But are there really pricing discrepancies within the mobile app? More importantly, is Dunkin' actually scamming customers out of a few extra cents?

A man claims Dunkin' scammed him by raising prices on its app

According to the court document, plaintiff Martin Kelledy filed suits against Dunkin' Brands, Inc. and Dunkin' Brand Group Inc. in early 2023. He alleged that the Dunkin' app had included "undisclosed charges" in his order totals, with said charges "nowhere itemized or disclosed." Kelledy gave a specific example of ordering a Dunkin' coffee for $3.69 and a bagel for $3.09, totaling $6.78 before tax. However, the app allegedly listed his pre-tax total as $8.03, meaning he was charged an additional $1.25 for some "undisclosed reason."

Per the lawsuit, Kelledy claimed to have reached out to Dunkin' about the issue, only for the chain to "[deny] responsibility" and "[make] no offer to explain the undisclosed charges." He further requested an apology statement from Dunkin', $25 in damages (in addition to coverage of attorney fees), and, of course, an explanation of the "undisclosed charges."

Kelledy might not be the only person who suspects a difference in prices. While no one else appears to have filed a legal complaint, last year, a Reddit user wondered whether pickup orders are more expensive on the Dunkin' app. They claimed their go-to order cost an extra $1.50. Other users recalled noticing a $2 or $3 increase for app-based while one person suggested that any differences resulted from a glitch.