Florence Pugh Confirmed Cooking With Flo Will Get An Official TV Run

British actress Florence Pugh has had a big start to 2023 with her debut as a singer and songwriter, but it turns out that music isn't the Marvel star's only hidden talent. Pugh has been treating her fans to videos of her cooking up delicious quarantine meals since the early days of the pandemic in a series she named "Cooking with Flo." These cooking videos started as Instagram reels posted to the star's page but eventually morphed into a popular YouTube series of the same name. In March 2023, the actress revealed that "Cooking with Flo" is about to undergo yet another transition — primetime.  

While chatting with podcaster Josh Horowitz for an episode of "Happy Sad Confused," Pugh shared the news that her cooking show would be getting a big upgrade in the form of a professional production. "It's definitely in the works, it's happening. We're trying to make something happen," Pugh revealed. 

Cooking is a big part of Florence Pugh's life

Florence Pugh also told Josh Horowitz that food and cooking were big parts of her upbringing, which is no surprise given her father, Clinton Pugh, is a British restauranteur. In an episode of "Cooking with Flo," Pugh told her audience that the idea for the series came to her after her father suggested she rediscover her love of cooking to keep in good spirits during quarantine.

Pugh's cooking series has a distinctly casual air, reminiscent of what it might be like to whip up a quick meal with a friend. To keep the episodes authentic, Pugh has said she isn't ashamed when things don't go quite as planned in the kitchen. "I always like making a few mistakes because to me that's where the best food and cooking comes from," Pugh explained during a cooking video for Vogue (via YouTube).   

While Pugh's cooking series is likely bound to have a more professional look when it finally hits the airwaves, Pugh's infectious personality and sense of humor will surely continue to attract food fanatics from all over the Internet.