The Fried Chicken Skin Hack That's So Wrong It's Right

Whether you're searching for the best fried chicken in your state, making your own version at home, or trying to pick a side in the infamous chicken sandwich wars, many of us love nothing more than sinking our teeth into a succulent piece of chicken. Although, if you really want an occasion to celebrate, National Fried Chicken Day takes place every year on July 6.

One of TikTok's viral trends is perfect for fried chicken lovers in search of a new way to spice up their favorite meal. A TikTok video from @uryo1113, which has over 79,000 likes at the time of writing, is set to Stephen Sanchez's song "Until I Found You" and claims, "everyone should know this hack." The video shows someone peeling back the skin from a juicy piece of fried chicken before loading the chicken skin up with fries and dipping it all into a spicy, mayo-style condiment. The crunch of the fries melds with the crispy texture of chicken skin and the seasoning encased within it, which makes it easy to see why this hack is a massive hit.

This TikTok hack is for the chicken skin lovers

People in the comments section love this fried chicken hack. "Idk how people don't like chicken skin it literally has like all the flavor," one person commented. We're also not sure who doesn't like chicken skin. "Man Kenny would be sad," added another person, referencing "South Park" Season 9, Episode 6, where Kenny cries after Cartman eats all the chicken skin from every piece of chicken in a KFC bucket. 


The most delicious part of the world. #lifehack #chicken #fypシ

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Some people suggested that the hack works because it balances the saltiness of the chicken with other flavors. "Sometimes the chicken skin seasoning is normally too salty," one user said. "So that's a good way to avoid the saltiness."

Other TikTok users suggested additional ways to level up fried chicken, such as microwaving the chicken skin and dipping it in gravy. Others insist on saving this hack until the very end as a showstopping finale to your meal. If you want to test these tips out yourself at home, why not try making this copycat KFC fried chicken recipe from everyone's favorite TikTok grandma? Maybe you can even whip up a side of gorgeous, creamy mashed potatoes to go with it.