What's Really Going On In That Nick Jonas Coca-Cola TikTok

If you spend a lot of time on TikTok, you're probably familiar with Jake Shane, who posts improv videos under the username @octopusslover8. One of Shane's followers recently asked him to do a sketch "as Diet Coke [reacting] to Coke Zero," and needless to say, the video went viral on a level very few achieve. Before we get into how Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Coca-Cola all came to be vital parts of the improv series, however, let's take a step back and look at the facts.

First and most importantly, Diet Coke and Coke Zero are two very different drinks. They contain different ingredients, and as a result, have slightly different tastes. What's more, while Coke Zero was meant to mimic the taste of regular Coke, Diet Coke never had that intention. Both theoretically appeal to the health-conscious crowd, but Coke Zero is inarguably pulling ahead solely due to the stigma around the 'diet' in Diet Coke. Now that we've got some background, let's dive into TikTok's dramatization of the situation.

The viral Coke Zero TikTok duet with Nick Jonas, explained

In Jake Shane's initial video, he pretended to be Diet Coke on the phone with Coke, reacting to news of Coke Zero launching in stores. The sketch was amusing enough, but things took a turn for the absolute best when Nick Jonas dueted the TikTok as Coke. Within the clip, Coke breaks the news to Diet Coke that the new pop may or may not have "a lot of similarities." Diet Coke goes on to grill Coke for more details, insisting that Coke Zero must have been approved by someone named "Scott."


duet with @octopusslover8 Diet Coke please...

♬ Original sound – Jake Shane

Shortly thereafter, Joe Jonas posted a TikTok duet as "Scott," claiming that Coke Zero was "[Diet Coke's] idea from the jump." He also brought Cherry Coke into the mess, which prompted Diet Coke (or Jake Shane, if we're talking reality) to share a final TikTok. According to this latest installment, Cherry Coke's texts, emails, calls, etc. "just happen to not work anymore," leaving Diet Coke no choice but to take the feud public.

As you might expect, the entirety of the internet went wild over this interaction from start to finish. We had Coca-Cola referencing Nick Jonas's song "Jealous" in the comments, as well as all three Jonas brothers. Yes, Kevin Jonas later made a TikTok appearance as Cherry Coke, simply saying that he'd tried to stand up for Diet Coke, but "this one is on you." Our day has been made.