The Best NYC Restaurant Bathroom Is Inexplicably Themed To Titanic

Restaurant bathrooms are no longer just a place of utility. In 2022, Priya Krishna of The New York Times wrote that bathrooms are one of the main events of eating out these days. Some are highly aesthetics-driven, with Instagrammable wallpaper, disco lights, and selfie-ready mirrors. But one restaurant bathroom in Queens, New York City, has stolen the hearts of many — and certainly not for having conventional design. 

The Baroness in Long Island City is an eclectic eatery, to say the least, offering burgers and hot dishes named after pop culture icons like Whitney Houston, Adele, and Mariah Carey. Take, for instance, the Celine, a tempura-fried ahi tuna fillet served on a potato roll — or the "Toula: my big fat Greek chicken sandwich," a nod to the protagonist in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." 

This cheekiness extends all the way into The Baroness' water closet, which is an unapologetic, if incomprehensible, shrine to "Titanic." No, we don't mean the actual ship that tragically crashed into an iceberg and sank in 1912. We're talking about Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, and James Cameron's unparalleled historic drama. Suddenly that seafood sandwich tribute to the inimitable Celine Dion is making more sense.

We respect the commitment to the bit

TikToker @rachelbmazza recently shared their journey through The Baroness' bathroom in a video captioned, "fever dream." Sharing the highlights of the quirky loo, the camera pans over a display case containing a recreation of the iconic Heart of the Ocean necklace that the elderly Rose dramatically releases into the depths of the ocean. Behind the necklace is a blown-up poster of DiCaprio and Winslet in their "Titanic" roles, and standing between them is a photo of who else but Celine Dion herself, clearly captured belting out what we can only assume is the movie's theme, "My Heart Will Go On." 

But the themed fun doesn't stop there. Inside one toilet stall, elegant script reads, "there was room...," and on the other, "on that door." When you're done using the Baroness bathroom and have finished washing your hands, you're apparently treated to a diagram hung above the hand dryer that shows a man and a woman lying on a recreated door, demonstrating the many ways Winslet's Rose and Leo's Jack could have made it out alive together. 

The TikTok's viewers were equally taken with the bathroom. The video is flooded with comments like, "This is the best thing I've ever seen," and the ambiguously complimentary, "This is... Very NYC." Infatuation NYC ranks The Baroness as their favorite restaurant bathroom in all of New York, and given its intense devotion to camp and pop culture queens, it appears that many people agree.