The Bachelor's 'Mold Wine' Incident Is An Excruciating Watch

Those who watch "The Bachelor" likely rolled their eyes last week at the blooper of bachelor Zach Shallcross's mulled wine mistake. In the clip, shown during the "Women Tell All" live event, Shallcross admitted he believed mulled wine to be 'mold wine,' adding that the wine "sounds really gross, but, believe it or not, is delicious."

Hearing Shallcross say this, the producer explained to him the differences in spelling. Shallcross responded, "I thought this entire time it was M-O-L-D wine, mold wine." To viewers' exasperation and amusement, the bachelor was utterly bewildered by this bit of news.

As one TikTok user pointed out, good on Shallcross for trying the wine despite thinking it was full of mold spores, but we do advise against purposely eating mold in most cases. Sure, you might eat mold by accident or have a love for moldy blue cheese, but do yourself a favor and don't push your luck.

So what is mulled wine, if not moldy wine?

Contrary to what Zach Shallcross of "The Bachelor" believed, mulled wine is not actually moldy or gross. In fact, mulled wine is just regular wine that has been heated and then flavored with various spices. One of our favorite mulled wine recipes, for instance, starts with a bottle of red wine. You then add cinnamon sticks, star anise, cloves, and maple syrup, and let the mixture heat up for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. If you ask us, mulled wine is the perfect drink to cozy up with in cooler months, and evokes entirely different feelings than 'mold wine.'


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With that being said, it's possible for wine to contain mold, though you may not want to drink it if it does. According to Flight Wine Bar, some molds are actually used in the winemaking process, while other wines may accidentally become contaminated with mold while being stored in a wine cellar, which can have devastating effects on your health. In short, 'mold wine' is not a good idea, but mulled wine really is delicious.