Jennifer Lopez Is The Latest Celeb To Launch A Cocktail Brand

Jennifer Lopez has a new lease on life. At 53, J. Lo says that she's "been grinding nonstop for decades" and increasingly realizes "the importance of enjoying life." Translation? She's launching a brand of cocktails. While she and husband Ben Affleck have collaborated on a lot lately, including a new movie and even some Dunkin commercials, this new business is J. Lo's own. The name? DeLola, inspired by the nickname (Lola) her friends use for her. Lopez says her "From Lola" beverages reflect the playful side her nickname evokes. 

As she told People in an exclusive interview about the drinks, "I love to entertain. I love throwing parties at my house. I'm always the first one on the dance floor at all of the industry events and at times, on vacation, dancing on the table. That is kind of who Lola is." 

Lopez says her new line was inspired by her love for the Italian coast and its lifestyle. Her libations give a nod to Italian spritzes: All three of her bottled creations are sparkling and have a relatively low alcohol content of approximately 11%. The singer wanted to create natural drinks with fresh flavors that were also low in sugar — the kind she would truly enjoy herself on the occasions when she indulges (Lopez generally doesn't drink alcohol). 

Dolce vita in a bottle

Jennifer Lopez brought in a couple of industry experts — Ken Austin and Jenna Fagnan — to work with her and her manager and business partner Benny Medina. The person behind the cocktail itself is master bartender Lynette Marrero, who developed the three flavors of DeLola Spritz. L'Orange Spritz is the closest to an Italian "aperitivo," and is made with orange, passionfruit, and amaro. Bella Berry incorporates hibiscus and berry into a base of vodka, and Paloma Rosa starts with grapefruit and tequila, but adds a touch of salt and elderflower for an unexpected twist. Each serving has about 110 calories, and the beverages are gluten-free.

All three flavors come in elegant glass bottles in two sizes: 375 ml and 750 ml. And the DeLola label clearly reflects Lopez's personal heritage and story, too: it features the Bronx crest (Lopez's birthplace), as well as figures of lions echoing Lopez and Ben Affleck's shared astrological sign (Leo). Ultimately, Lopez sees her new creation as a very personal one, telling People it's like "Jenny from the block meets the Italian coast." Sounds like a great lifestyle — where do we sign up?