You've Been Unwrapping Foil Butter Packets All Wrong, According To TikTok

Another day on TikTok, another food "hack" spreading like wildfire across the platform. This latest kernel of culinary knowledge relates to butter, one of America's favorite ingredients, condiments, and cultural institutions. We use butter to make some of the richest and most sensational recipes out there, from savory French cuisine to sweet baked goods like cakes. There are also many different types of butter to choose from, but here we're going to zero in on those adorable foil butter packets — you know, the ones that accompany your toast and bread at diners and the like.

Usually, peeling off the foil and then spreading the butter is the method most restaurantgoers would use. It's not incredibly difficult, but it can occasionally be messy and frustrating to remove the foil without butter getting on your hands. Sometimes, it's also more butter than you wanted, but at the same time, who doesn't want more butter? However, it turns out there's been a trick all along to get just the right amount of butter from that little container with less hassle and less mess. TikTok user @ashleas_kitchen shared their experience trying out the new dairy-centric "hack" by stabbing their butter packet with a fork!

A smarter way to butter it up

Butter might be thousands of years old, but it's no match for a shiny utensil and a bit of human ingenuity! In their TikTok, @ashleas_kitchen pierces through the foil encasing the block of dairy goodness with a fork, creating holes across the packet. They then squeeze the butter, causing little yellow noodles to burst out from the openings. The video does cut to @ashleas_kitchen dunking their pieces of bread in a soup or dip of some sort, but it looks like they may then have spread out the butter with a knife, which is a lot easier when you're able to choose how much butter goes on your food instead of trying to wrangle a larger chunk.


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There are quite a lot of videos on TikTok trying out this silverware-centric butter hack. However, like most of the information on TikTok, for all we know this butter packet trick could be years old and is only being discussed now. For those who haven't heard of it up until this point though, it appears to be much more convenient than the old method, and either way, it looks like a lot more fun.