The Viral Calming Mocktail That's Putting Us To Sleep

With the rise of people binning alcohol and choosing to go sober, or at least go sober-curious, mocktails have soared in popularity as a way to deliver on all of the fun, and none of the nasty side effects the next morning. But they're also more than just a tired substitute for boozy drinks — they're vibrant and refreshing in their own right, with nutrient-rich mocktails proving a popular choice for anyone wanting to stay hydrated and boost their energy, adrenal function, and general well-being. You can also pack them with superfoods and juice to make sure you're getting your five-a-day, as a lighter alternative to a breakfast smoothie.

While mocktails can be used as a powerful pick-me-up, they're also ideal for lazy days when you just want to chill. Think sipping a mojito mocktail on the beach while watching the waves and relaxing after a long swim, for example. TikTok's latest trend taps into the soothing potential of mocktails — with a calming mocktail that users are loading up with magnesium, and enjoying before a long night's sleep. The viral mocktail — which is nicknamed Sleepy Girl mocktail, among other things — is said to encourage full and restful sleep, and flavorwise, can be adapted to suit anyone's taste.

How to make the mocktail


OUT LIKE A LIGHT mocktail 😮‍💨💤🍒 tart cherry juice + magnesium is the perfect combo for a full night of sleep! I had really vivid dreams too! I take magnesium every evening but tend to toss & turn during the night at the end of my luteal phase. thanks for the inspo @caleeshea 💫#easyrecipe #mocktails #mocktailrecipe #healthyrecipes #sleep #bettersleep

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To make one variation of the viral mocktail, you can follow the steps laid out in this video, posted to TikTok by user @gracie_norton. In the video, which has 190,000 likes and is labeled "mocktail that gave me the best sleep ever," Gracie adds a teaspoon of magnesium to a glass, before topping up with "a cup to a cup and a half" of tart cherry juice. She then froths, pours over ice, and adds lemon-lime Olipop. "I had really vivid dreams too!" she adds in the caption, also tagging user @caleeshea whose profile features a variety of other functional mocktails, such as a "Crampy Girl" period-cramp relieving mocktail.

People in the comments section suggested a range of flavor variations to spice up the drink. "The Ginger Lime Olipop is my favorite! It makes a great mock Moscow mule!" one person claimed. "Please try the tart cherry juice with ginger ale and a squeeze of lemon juice. The best ever I promise," someone else suggested. "What magnesium do you buy?" asked another commenter — with Gracie responding that she sources hers from Moon Juice.

Why does this work?

The benefits of magnesium for sleep are well-documented, and it's a popular substitute for people looking to calm their nervous system in general. The mineral calms our bodies by helping to regulate neurotransmitters (the brain's chemical messengers), and slowing down nerve activity, according to Nature's Best. This soothing of the nervous system then allows us to switch off and fall into sleep more easily, instead of being distracted by our thoughts.

While some users expressed concern that the drinks added to the viral mocktail might spike blood sugar, leading to restlessness, as Gracie points out in the video, tart cherry juice appears to also have sleep-inducing properties. According to Healthline, tart cherry juice is rich in nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants, giving it a variety of health benefits. These include melatonin, an insomnia treatment that helps to regulate our sleep-wake cycle, as well as tryptophan, which can boost serotonin.

Healthline also claims that in one study, people with insomnia who drank tart cherry juice increased their average sleep time by 84 minutes. So it seems that the delicious fruity additions to the viral mocktail aren't just for flavor, but might also boost its effectiveness.