Hugh Grant Called Sandra Bullock Out For Her 'Undrinkable' Tea

British culture is often associated with tea. Tea is arguably the national drink of the UK, and it isn't just a pastime but a way of life for many Brits. According to The Guardian, it was first brought to the country from China in the 17th century, and it soon became a signifier of wealth made fashionable by the upper classes, including the royals. Tea was most often enjoyed with milk, and it remains this way today (though whether you add the milk before or after you put in the teabag is still a source of much contention).

Although tea is usually consumed with milk in the U.K., many people in the U.S. may go without tea or opt for a herbal or iced tea instead. In fact, the two countries disagree so profoundly on tea that they basically started a war over it. It seems this disagreement is still ongoing, as the star of quintessentially British '90s rom-coms Hugh Grant is reigniting centuries-old beef on, you guessed it, TikTok, over a cup of tea. Grant was reportedly unhappy with Sandra Bullock's lackluster brewing efforts and wasn't afraid to call her out for the whole internet to see.

What's wrong with Sandra Bullock's tea?


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In a viral video posted to TikTok by Buzzfeed UK, taken from an interview for the new "Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves" movie in which he plays a rogue, Grant shares his tips for making tea and slates Bullock in the process. He emphasized that the water should be boiling hot when it is poured over the teabag. He further noted that he had to explain this to Sandra Bullock, who used to make him terrible and undrinkable cups of tea. 

Grant then performed a questionable impression of boiling water before also clarifying that the only acceptable milk is cow milk rather than coconut milk or oat milk (apologies to vegans and the lactose intolerant). He also specifies that the color of his perfect cup of tea should be a taupe color, which according to Color Psychology, is a neutral hue that sits somewhere between dark brown and gray. Chris Pine, who was also present, said what most of us may be thinking, wryly stating that the idea was an exciting one. 

How to make the perfect cup of tea

While everyone's tastes are valid (even Sandra's preference for lukewarm water), there is actually some science behind creating the perfect cup of tea. Ideally, you should start by boiling water in an electric kettle, though, seeing as Americans are still catching up to this cutting-edge technology, the stove will also do. According to British tea brand PG Tips, fresh, boiling water is necessary when making a new batch of tea as reboiling old water more than once reduces the oxygen level of the tea and thus impairs its flavor.

Interestingly, rival tea brand Twinings actually recommend waiting for the water to cool down slightly before pouring it into your mug of choice, as this allows the tea to release more of its flavors. Both brands recommend leaving the teabag in to brew for two to three minutes, after which you can add your milk and sugar if necessary. It's simple, really. Follow these steps, and you'll soon be a tea-brewing champ who is good enough to please Hugh.