Ciara's Favorite Quick And Easy Meal To Make Is So Relatable

Remember cafeteria hour when you were a kid, when you couldn't wait to dig into the PB&J or bologna sandwich in your lunchbox? Maybe you're a parent now, and you're making those very same sandwiches for your kids (or yourself, for nostalgia's sake). A good sandwich is one of the easiest meals to make, and for many, it's a favorite because of how much variety it offers...or how simple it can be.

For Grammy-winning R&B artist and songwriter Ciara, sandwiches are all about simplicity. The "Level Up" singer shared one of her favorite no-frills sandwiches to make with Kitchn, and it's one that many of us can remember eating on numerous occasions. When asked what her favorite quick and easy meal is to prepare for her family, she said, "If we're going to keep it real simple, we can make a nice turkey and cheese sandwich with some mayonnaise." Because you're never too old — or too famous — to enjoy a simple turkey sandwich, right? But sometimes, Ciara will throw one slightly uncommon ingredient inside this highly common lunchtime delight.

Ciara sometimes adds chips to her turkey sandwiches

How does Ciara prefer her turkey sandwiches? She typically goes for grilled, but she added that "soft bread is good, too." A simple sandwich like this probably won't make any greatest sandwiches of all time lists, but when you consider what else she likes to throw in, it just might be at home on a list of the most unique sandwiches. In addition to turkey, cheese, and mayo, Ciara is a fan of adding plain potato chips between the bread.

The "Goodies" vocalist isn't the only celebrity who has publicly expressed her love for chips in a sandwich. American chef and restaurant critic Soleil Ho is also a fan of lending some extra crunch to a simple sandwich, adding Sweet Maui Onion potato chips to the mix. Bobby Flay understands the crispiness factor, too. "One must always 'crunchify' a burger," he told Today. Like Ciara, he's a fan of potato chips, but in between two buns and a beef patty. So the next time you decide to make a simple turkey, cheese, and mayo sandwich, consider "leveling it up" like Ciara by adding a handful of chips.