Having An Apartment Above A Taco Bell Is Apparently A Major Power Move

Living above restaurants is a common occurrence in cities across America, and quite convenient if you happen to like the food. Pizzerias, Chinese food restaurants, bakeries — lots of local, small businesses occupy space with apartments above them. However, if you asked anyone what kind of restaurant or business they'd want to live above when renting an apartment, Taco Bell might not be their first answer. Not necessarily because they don't want to, but most likely because most of us didn't know that was a thing until now.

Reddit user @u187 posted an image of their neighborhood Taco Bell which appears to be on the first floor of an apartment building, and we can't help but wonder how those residents feel about being feet above a Live Mas location. Maybe they get to go through Taco Bell's menu items daily, or they learn things only Taco Bell employees know, or perhaps they don't even like Taco Bell. Whatever the case, we're both surprised and extremely intrigued about this combination of residential dwelling and fast food restaurant.

A very local Taco Bell

In the image @u187 posted on Reddit, the user asks "why does my local Taco Bell go so hard, is this common." The resounding answer was no. The Taco Bell in question is in fact the Cantina location on 1st Ave in New York, New York. NYC, as a massive urban landscape, is of course full of businesses that occupy the first floor of apartment buildings. Overall, this is not prevalent nationwide. The addition of the black and white taco wall art is a nice touch though, and probably serves as a beacon to all passing by — for all we know, there are fiestas in these apartments 24/7!

why does my local taco bell go so hard, is this common
u/I87 in

As one commenter notes, "Having an apartment above Taco Bell pretty much means you can say 'I live at Taco Bell' lol." Saying one resides at Taco Bell could be something that ends up coming up in conversation out of necessity or it's something you start every interaction with: "Hey, chalupas at my place?" The friend who lives above Taco Bell must always end up hosting. Redditor @tacobell69696969 did point out, "Oh man, I would gain so much weight so fast if the only thing standing between me and a few Taco Bell burritos was a flight of stairs," which is something to consider. Self-control may be required for any who choose to reside in this Mexican-inspired monolith, filled with Chalupas, Gorditas, quesadillas, and Crunchwraps, always within reach.