The Hilarious Costco Cake Fail Has Reddit Cackling

Ordering a cake from Costco is a sweet thing to do for special occasions — whether that's birthdays, graduations, baby showers, or workplace events. While the wholesale retailer exists primarily for customers to buy stock in bulk, they are arguably more famous for their food court, which includes pizza and hot dogs, as well as the iconic half-sheet cakes with creamy white frosting. Costco's cakes — which can serve up to 50 people — are in fact so in demand that not only are there copycat recipes everywhere you look online, but when the cakes were discontinued in 2020, loyal fans protested so hard that the company had no choice but to bring them back.

One of the reasons Costco cakes are so widely beloved is because of their customizable nature — you can get any design you like frosted onto your cake. Popular choices include rainbows, balloons, and flowers, but sometimes you just want to go for something simpler, like a classic red frosted border to add a little extra elegance to your cake, without risking it looking too garish. That's exactly what this Redditor wanted, but it seems like someone at Costco took things a little too literally — leading to a failure of epic proportions.

An attempt was made

In the now-viral Reddit post, one user shared the unfortunate cake failure. "Costco will give you exactly what you know you didn't need," they captioned the post, which included a picture of the order form and the finished cake. The OP had ordered a plain white sheet cake with "no writing/no designs," except for a simple red frosted border, and had drawn this on the page in red marker. Hilariously, whoever was in the kitchen that day misinterpreted the drawing, perhaps due to its angle, and frosted the red box in its entirety, onto the cake.

Costco will give you exactly what you know you didn't need.
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Most people in the comments saw the funny side of the situation, unlike the original poster. "I'm crying laughing, I'd lose my mind if this happened to me," one person commented. "Mildly infuriating? Oddly satisfying, more like it," someone else said. Others praised the cake maker's attention to detail. "Honestly, I'm pretty impressed by how close the drawing is to the figure you drew." This led some to debate whether the cake was an April Fools' prank (the date of the cake's pickup), or an otherwise deliberate act. Either way, it's provided the internet with our daily slice of entertainment.