Why You Should Be Ordering A Side Of Pickles With Your McDonald's Chicken Nuggets

We've got nothing but love for a McDonald's drive-thru run to grab some of the fast food giant's classic Chicken McNuggets. But one upgrade can help you maximize the flavor of your nugs — and it doesn't cost a thing. The next time you crave chicken nuggets, ask for a side of pickle slices. TikTokker @sharidyonne showed how it's done: Sandwich your chicken nugget between two pickle slices, dip it into your sauce of choice, and enjoy. 

Another TikTokker, @bespokendrip, shared a similar pickle-nugget hack. Instead of stacking the pickles onto the nugget, they opted for taking a small bite of the nugget first before gently lifting the breading up and tucking a pickle slice inside. Pickles are typically reserved as toppings for McDonald's burgers but make wonderful additions to McNuggets. The acidic, vinegary crunch of the pickles complements the warm, crispy breading and adds extra salt to amplify the flavors of the chicken, making this a must-try combo. 

Chicken McNuggets are best with McDonald's pickles

The appeal of adding pickles was immediately apparent. One user on TikTok put it quite simply by commenting, "The crunchhh." There also seems to be something special about the type of pickles at this particular fast food chain. TikTokker @savannahmanuel6 claimed, "McDonald's has THE BEST pickles." Some say this is due to adding garlic to the pickle brine, which adds a pleasant spice and dimension to pickles. The pickle slices McDonald's offers are also very thin, which means they can add a satisfying, crisp bite without overwhelming the McNuggets. For this reason, don't use whatever pickles you have in a jar in the back of your fridge for this hack. Instead, take advantage of the specific pickles McDonald's offers when you place your order.

If you want to keep things going by giving nuggets the burger treatment, @sharidyonne said Big Mac sauce is especially delicious with the pickle-nug combo and even better with a dash of barbecue sauce, exclaiming, "That is the one!" upon taste testing.