We've Been Using The Fast-Food Drink Holder Wrong All Along

We all know how social media can be a cesspool for gossip, lies, and other negativity. But it can also be a place to share some mind-blowing tips that leave others wondering why they never thought of them before. Case in point? Jacob Lopez, TikTok user @bogielopez89, shared a tip involving a fast food drink carrier that sparked a lot of commentary on social media.

You've used these carriers before at McDonald's, Burger King, or other fast food drive-thrus. You've held them in your lap or had someone else in the car hold them, if you've been lucky enough to have passengers. If you're usually solo, picking up a fast food order for your family or coworkers, you've probably experienced a splash or two. Or worse, an entire drink has spilled in your car.

Thanks to @bogielopez89, we now know of a better option (for some cars, that is) than a lap or the floor for the drink carrier in your car. The car's cup holder! In the TikTok video, Lopez is seen with a drink carrier filled with three beverages. While keeping the drinks in the carrier, he places two of them in his car's cup holder, leaving the third one off to the side, but still securely in the carrier. 

The video has been viewed more than a million times and counting, with mixed responses from viewers. Some positive. Some negative.

The drink holder hack doesn't work for every vehicle

The TikTok video was originally shared in August of 2022 and received more than a million likes, but it's gaining new traffic as viewers reshare it on other social media platforms. On TikTok, many viewers said their minds were blown. Another called it "a game changer." But many others claimed the trick didn't work for them because of the way their car's center console is set up. One commenter claimed her drinks fell over when she turned at a light.


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The video received mixed remarks on Twitter, too. User @its_your_boi commented, "I'm convinced I've been living life the wrong way." User @markosvt pointed out the spill risk when turning by adding, "Now make a left turn and record for us." Others expressed shock at learning about the hack. Another added, "This is so much more useful than algebra."

But, as many viewers mentioned, placing the carrier directly into your car's cup holder won't work for every vehicle the way it does in Lopez's Nissan. So while it's certainly a neat trick, many of us will still have to use the lap, floor, or passenger method. Cue the violins.