Why Going To Aldi Before They Close Can Get You The Best Deals

All of us Aldi die-hards know that this small supermarket is the go-to when you want to save money on groceries. Although not everything rings up for less than items at other stores, many food items are significantly cheaper compared to competitors like Kroger and Publix. But thanks to a shopper's social media post, we now know that you can get some Aldi groceries for even less money if you buy them at a certain time of day.

According to TikTok user @Aldinerd's video, she reportedly purchased about half a dozen items with relatively brief shelf lives for 25 cents per item. How did she get them for such a low price? By going "at closing time," as her video states, and clarifies in a comment that she means about 45 minutes before closing time. "I've had good luck getting markdowns around that time," she said.

The video got The U.S. Sun's attention, so they interviewed the shopper about her experience. She told the newspaper that Friday and Sunday evenings are the best times to go to her local Aldi, which is located in St. Louis, Missouri. Her post received both positive and negative feedback, with some confirming and others denying the accuracy of the claim. Plus, there's some fine print to consider in receiving a discount, as other shoppers pointed out in the comments.

Each item cost her only a quarter

The Aldi shopper said in her video that she purchased all of her items for just 25 cents each. This dramatically low cost led some viewers to question the validity of the statement and ask for receipt proof, while others said their local Aldi doesn't offer the same discounts. Some viewers confirmed that price markdowns do happen at Aldi. "This happened the other week to us. We got a pack of chicken, 3 bags of lettuce, and 4 blocks of cheese for $3.00 total," one comment read.


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Other viewers, a few of whom claimed to be Aldi employees, said the discount has nothing to do with the time of day. One person commented, "It's when they need to get rid of it before it goes bad." Another said, "We mostly mark down in the mornings before open. Anything dated for the next day is supposed to get 50% off." Someone else confirmed that price cuts are determined by expiration dates. "If something is going to expire within 1-2 days, it will be $.50," they said. That's the fine print for you.

Although getting produce for a quarter sounds like a great deal, it's not a guarantee at every Aldi. Plus, according to the TikTok comments, items are marked down because they're about to expire. So unless you plan on eating that discounted food within a couple days, it's best to leave it on the shelf instead of letting it rot in your kitchen.