Spotted: Goodwill Might Be Selling Olive Garden's To-Go Containers

There's no telling what you'll find when heading into your local thrift store, but one thing you might not expect to see are restaurant to-go containers. And yet, that's exactly what TikTok user @briannaautumnwilson allegedly spotted during a recent trip to their local Goodwill.

"So, I'm walking around Goodwill and," the TikToker can be heard saying in their March 31 post as the camera zooms in on a stack of black boxes on a shelf. The person can then be seen picking up one of the mysterious objects and bringing it closer to the lens, allowing viewers to see that it's made of plastic and has snap-tight closures along the edge. "This is a, uh, Olive Garden to-go container," they said – and no, it wasn't leftover from somebody's lunch. The store was, in fact, selling the container, as evidenced by the bright yellow Goodwill price tag adhered to it labeling it $1.01. "Goodwill knows they are dead wrong for that," reads the caption of the video that, as of this writing, has been viewed over 1.7 million times.

Did Goodwill's takeout containers inspire good feelings?

Goodwill may have taken the phrase "one man's trash is another man's treasure" a bit too literally when it decided to put a stack of Olive Garden to-go containers out on the sales floor. The slightly absurd Goodwill find drew a mix of reactions from TikTokers. Some commenters expressed anger toward the non-profit, calling it "greedy" for selling the boxes, while others questioned who donated them in the first place. However, for a number of people, the situation was more amusing than anything.


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"It's the extra 1 cent for me. That worker knew what they were doing," TikToker @believeinshadows wrote. "No low balls, they know what they've got," another quipped. Additionally, several others pointed out that at the very beginning of the video, there was a set of what appeared to be Chick-fil-A or Walmart catering trays displayed on the shelves.

To be fair, there's no evidence in the video that the containers were actually from Olive Garden, as the price sticker was placed directly over where the breadstick-slinging chain's logo would likely be. However, they do look suspiciously similar to the boxes you'd be given by an Olive Garden employee at the end of your meal. While the restaurant's to-go boxes could certainly come in handy – especially since they're microwaveable and potentially even dishwasher safe – some people might prefer to get them for free after a meal of Olive Garden pasta, soup, and salad.