The Trick To Easily Flipping Eggs Is Lying In Your Kitchen Cabinet

Cooking the perfect eggs may seem easier than it really is. When it comes time to flip a set of mouth-watering over-easy eggs, it could cause a bit of stress. Turning over those sizzling beauties with a little wrist flick of your panhandle like a trained professional chef can look slick and effortless. After cooking them on medium heat until the whites are almost done, with a little forward push and wrist flick up, the eggs should slide up like a skateboarder on a half-pipe until landing smoothly on the exposed yolk side. But sometimes skateboarders don't stick the landing, and your skating eggs could end up with broken yolks, or worse, splattered all over your hot stove.

Even if you are not attempting to reach high-flipping professional status and choose to stick to a more subdued spatula-assisted egg turnover, you could find that the cooking utensil pierces the yolk causing a runny-egg disaster, or you only get half of your eggs to turn over. Instead of creating havoc, you can utilize one of your spare pot lids to get an easy solution. A TikTok video shared by @notjustbored1214 demonstrates how. It starts with someone sliding four sunny-side-up eggs onto the inside of a pot lid, then flipping them from the lid right back onto the pan in a seamless transfer.

An egg-cellent TikTok hack

As the video shows, not only is the motion smooth and effortless, but the eggs remain intact, and there's no fuss or spillage.

If you're sick of broken yolks and the frustration of flipping over easy eggs or well-constructed omelets, then this can be an ideal hack to use in your own kitchen. Essentially, the lid of your pot acts as a gigantic spatula, except you don't have to shovel underneath the eggs which could risk puncturing your breakfast. Use enough butter or oil to create a non-stick surface so the eggs can easily slide onto your lid. Also, keep the temperature to a medium-high so you don't burn the oil as well as your eggs.

If you're over the whole flipping process altogether, you can use the water hack that is featured at the tail-end of the same TikTok video. Add some oil and a bit of water to your heated pan, crack your egg, and then place a curved pot lid over top. As the heat from the pan turns liquid into steam, your fried egg will continue to cook evenly as the heat spreads so that the whites still bounce yet the yolks stay nice and runny.