You Could Win Free Pizza For A Year (But At A Price For Taylor Swift Fans)

We get it: Few things on this earth are more beloved by people than a hot, delicious pizza. For some of us, one of those exceptions is Taylor Swift. However, one New Orleans pizzeria owner hopes to find someone whose love leans a little more toward pizza: Specifically, someone who would part ways with their concert tickets to The Eras Tour.

Given that it has been extremely difficult to score tickets to Swift's 2023 tour, Zander White of Zee's Pizzeria attempted to secure two tickets on Instagram in late November 2022 with a delicious bargain. According to the post, White was willing to trade "free pizza for Swift tix." Oh, but not just one free pizza – a year's worth of free pizza.

This exchange seems like a great deal for those who crave better-tasting restaurant pizza and live in or near New Orleans, but it's probably not so great for those who live anywhere else in the United States. Regardless, people love free stuff, so someone must've taken the bait by now, right? Well, not exactly.

Zee's Pizzeria has yet to strike a deal with Swifties

In an interview with ABC New Orleans, Zander White explained that he and his wife are big Taylor Swift fans. Therefore, he decided to tempt fans with the offer of free pizza for a year in exchange for show tickets, which they decided might be too difficult to obtain on their own. White said, "I thought it would be funny, hoping Taylor would find out." It's possible White hopes that Swift will send two tickets herself, but isn't that every fan's dream?

Unfortunately for White, at the time of writing, no one has taken him up on his offer, which is valid through 2024. That being said, regulars at Zee's Pizzeria have commented on Facebook that they're considering "hunting tickets" to get a year of free pizza. One person even claimed it would be "#worthit" to give up The Eras Tour tickets for the pizzeria's Bye Felicia pizza. This particular pizza uses red sauce, mozzarella and ricotta cheeses, pepperoni, and hot honey, so it offers all the sweet and spicy goodness fans associate with our queen, Taylor Swift.