The real reason you don't hear from Emeril Lagasse anymore

For a while, it seemed like Emeril Lagasse was everywhere. A mainstay on Food Network for years, the chef helped put the network on the map. One of the most popular TV chefs of all time, his name was plastered on everything from cookware to spice blends. Then, seemingly overnight, Lagasse disappeared. Suddenly, he wasn't all over the TV and his name began to fade into obscurity.

Did he retire? Not exactly. While Lagasse's overwhelming fame has diminished a bit, he's still the same hard-working and brilliant chef we all know and love. Lagasse hasn't left the industry, but he's not on TV as much these days so all but his most diehard fans seem to have forgotten he ever existed. The chef has got a lot of irons in the fire though, and has been keeping himself quite busy, even though we haven't heard much from him lately. Here's what Lagasse has been up to.

His show had some legal problems in Florida